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  1. go about:


Detailed Translations for go about from English to Spanish

go about:

to go about verb (goes about, went about, going about)

  1. to go about (wander about; travel around; travel about)

Conjugations for go about:

  1. go about
  2. go about
  3. goes about
  4. go about
  5. go about
  6. go about
simple past
  1. went about
  2. went about
  3. went about
  4. went about
  5. went about
  6. went about
present perfect
  1. have gone about
  2. have gone about
  3. has gone about
  4. have gone about
  5. have gone about
  6. have gone about
past continuous
  1. was going about
  2. were going about
  3. was going about
  4. were going about
  5. were going about
  6. were going about
  1. shall go about
  2. will go about
  3. will go about
  4. shall go about
  5. will go about
  6. will go about
continuous present
  1. am going about
  2. are going about
  3. is going about
  4. are going about
  5. are going about
  6. are going about
  1. be gone about
  2. be gone about
  3. be gone about
  4. be gone about
  5. be gone about
  6. be gone about
  1. go about!
  2. let's go about!
  3. gone about
  4. going about
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for go about:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
recorrer go about; travel about; travel around; wander about go to; head for; make for; pass through; travel about; travel through
- approach; set about

Synonyms for "go about":

Related Definitions for "go about":

  1. begin to deal with1
    • go about a difficult problem1

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