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Detailed Translations for go mouldy from English to Spanish

go mouldy:

to go mouldy verb (goes mouldy, went mouldy, going mouldy)

  1. to go mouldy (become mildewed)

Conjugations for go mouldy:

  1. go mouldy
  2. go mouldy
  3. goes mouldy
  4. go mouldy
  5. go mouldy
  6. go mouldy
simple past
  1. went mouldy
  2. went mouldy
  3. went mouldy
  4. went mouldy
  5. went mouldy
  6. went mouldy
present perfect
  1. have gone mouldy
  2. have gone mouldy
  3. has gone mouldy
  4. have gone mouldy
  5. have gone mouldy
  6. have gone mouldy
past continuous
  1. was going mouldy
  2. were going mouldy
  3. was going mouldy
  4. were going mouldy
  5. were going mouldy
  6. were going mouldy
  1. shall go mouldy
  2. will go mouldy
  3. will go mouldy
  4. shall go mouldy
  5. will go mouldy
  6. will go mouldy
continuous present
  1. am going mouldy
  2. are going mouldy
  3. is going mouldy
  4. are going mouldy
  5. are going mouldy
  6. are going mouldy
  1. be gone mouldy
  2. be gone mouldy
  3. be gone mouldy
  4. be gone mouldy
  5. be gone mouldy
  6. be gone mouldy
  1. go mouldy!
  2. let's go mouldy!
  3. gone mouldy
  4. going mouldy
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for go mouldy:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
enmohecerse become mildewed; go mouldy be in a state of decomposition; become affected with mildew; become mouldy; get mouldy; grow mouldy; mould; rot; rot away

Wiktionary Translations for go mouldy:

Cross Translation:
go mouldy florecerse; encanecer; enmohecer; enmohecerse beschimmelen — aangevreten worden door schimmels

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