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  1. gob:


Detailed Translations for gob from English to Spanish


gob [the ~] noun

  1. the gob (phlegm; lump of spit; spit)
    el esputo; la flema; la gargajo

Translation Matrix for gob:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
esputo gob; lump of spit; phlegm; spit sputum
flema gob; lump of spit; phlegm; spit mucus; phlegm; slobber
gargajo gob; lump of spit; phlegm; spit
- Jack; Jack-tar; cakehole; hole; mariner; maw; old salt; sea dog; seafarer; seaman; tar; trap; yap

Related Words for "gob":

  • gobs

Synonyms for "gob":

Related Definitions for "gob":

  1. informal terms for the mouth1
  2. a lump of slimy stuff1
    • a gob of phlegm1
  3. a man who serves as a sailor1