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  1. grow together:


Detailed Translations for grow together from English to Spanish

grow together:

to grow together verb (grows together, grew together, growing together)

  1. to grow together (grow out of shape; become deformed)
  2. to grow together

Conjugations for grow together:

  1. grow together
  2. grow together
  3. grows together
  4. grow together
  5. grow together
  6. grow together
simple past
  1. grew together
  2. grew together
  3. grew together
  4. grew together
  5. grew together
  6. grew together
present perfect
  1. have grown together
  2. have grown together
  3. has grown together
  4. have grown together
  5. have grown together
  6. have grown together
past continuous
  1. was growing together
  2. were growing together
  3. was growing together
  4. were growing together
  5. were growing together
  6. were growing together
  1. shall grow together
  2. will grow together
  3. will grow together
  4. shall grow together
  5. will grow together
  6. will grow together
continuous present
  1. am growing together
  2. are growing together
  3. is growing together
  4. are growing together
  5. are growing together
  6. are growing together
  1. be grown together
  2. be grown together
  3. be grown together
  4. be grown together
  5. be grown together
  6. be grown together
  1. grow together!
  2. let's grow together!
  3. grown together
  4. growing together
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for grow together:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cicatrizar become deformed; grow out of shape; grow together cure; make well; restore to health
compenetrarse become deformed; grow out of shape; grow together
deformarse become deformed; grow out of shape; grow together bulge; bulge out; sag
juntarse al crecer grow together
soldarse become deformed; grow out of shape; grow together

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