Detailed Translations for high water from English to Spanish

high water:

high water [the ~] noun

  1. the high water (flood; influx; stream; inflow)
    la marea alta; el flujo; la marea montante
  2. the high water (flood)
    la aguas altas; la marea alta; la marea creciente; la aguas llenas

Translation Matrix for high water:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aguas altas flood; high water
aguas llenas flood; high water
flujo flood; high water; inflow; influx; stream Flow dimension member; data stream; flow; stream; tide; water levels
marea alta flood; high water; inflow; influx; stream
marea creciente flood; high water
marea montante flood; high water; inflow; influx; stream
- high tide; highwater

Synonyms for "high water":

  • high tide; highwater; tide

Antonyms for "high water":

  • low tide

Related Definitions for "high water":

  1. the tide when the water is highest1

Related Translations for high water

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