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  1. horse around:


Detailed Translations for horse around from English to Spanish

horse around:

to horse around verb (horses around, horsed around, horsing around)

  1. to horse around (romp; romp around; frolic; )

Conjugations for horse around:

  1. horse around
  2. horse around
  3. horses around
  4. horse around
  5. horse around
  6. horse around
simple past
  1. horsed around
  2. horsed around
  3. horsed around
  4. horsed around
  5. horsed around
  6. horsed around
present perfect
  1. have horsed around
  2. have horsed around
  3. has horsed around
  4. have horsed around
  5. have horsed around
  6. have horsed around
past continuous
  1. was horsing around
  2. were horsing around
  3. was horsing around
  4. were horsing around
  5. were horsing around
  6. were horsing around
  1. shall horse around
  2. will horse around
  3. will horse around
  4. shall horse around
  5. will horse around
  6. will horse around
continuous present
  1. am horsing around
  2. are horsing around
  3. is horsing around
  4. are horsing around
  5. are horsing around
  6. are horsing around
  1. be horsed around
  2. be horsed around
  3. be horsed around
  4. be horsed around
  5. be horsed around
  6. be horsed around
  1. horse around!
  2. let's horse around!
  3. horsed around
  4. horsing around
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for horse around:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
juguetear frolic; horse around; let oneself go; play; romp; romp around; run around wildly frisk about; frisk around; romp
- arse around; fool; fool around

Synonyms for "horse around":

Related Definitions for "horse around":

  1. indulge in horseplay1

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