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Detailed Translations for inauguration from English to Spanish


inauguration [the ~] noun

  1. the inauguration (consecratory celebration; initiation party)
  2. the inauguration (homage; honouring; tribute; toast)
    el homenaje
  3. the inauguration (ordination; initiation; consecration)
    la iniciación; la inauguración
  4. the inauguration (opening ceremony)

Translation Matrix for inauguration:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ceremonia de inauguración inauguration; opening ceremony
ceremonia inaugural consecratory celebration; inauguration; initiation party
fiesta de inauguración consecratory celebration; inauguration; initiation party initiation party
homenaje homage; honouring; inauguration; toast; tribute honouring; tribute
inauguración consecration; consecratory celebration; inauguration; initiation; initiation party; ordination administration of the oath; blessing; confirmation on oath; consecration; devotion; hallowing; ordination; sanctification; swearing
iniciación consecration; inauguration; initiation; ordination acceptance; intake
- inaugural; startup

Related Words for "inauguration":

Synonyms for "inauguration":

Related Definitions for "inauguration":

  1. the act of starting a new operation or practice1
    • he opposed the inauguration of fluoridation1
  2. the ceremonial induction into a position1
    • the new president obviously enjoyed his inauguration1

Wiktionary Translations for inauguration:

  1. act of inaugurating
  2. formal beginning

Cross Translation:
inauguration investidura inhuldiging — feestelijke gelegenheid waarbij iemand wordt gehuldigd, zoals een koning/vorst door diens onderdanen, bij aanvaarding van diens ambt
inauguration inauguración; investidura inauguratie — de feestelijke of plechtige inwijding in een ambt
inauguration inauguración Inauguration — (feierliche) Amtseinsetzung; Amtseinführung
inauguration investidura investitureacte par lequel on investir quelqu’un d’un titre ou d’une dignité.


to inaugurate verb (inaugurates, inaugurated, inaugurating)

  1. to inaugurate (initiate; install; instal)

Conjugations for inaugurate:

  1. inaugurate
  2. inaugurate
  3. inaugurates
  4. inaugurate
  5. inaugurate
  6. inaugurate
simple past
  1. inaugurated
  2. inaugurated
  3. inaugurated
  4. inaugurated
  5. inaugurated
  6. inaugurated
present perfect
  1. have inaugurated
  2. have inaugurated
  3. has inaugurated
  4. have inaugurated
  5. have inaugurated
  6. have inaugurated
past continuous
  1. was inaugurating
  2. were inaugurating
  3. was inaugurating
  4. were inaugurating
  5. were inaugurating
  6. were inaugurating
  1. shall inaugurate
  2. will inaugurate
  3. will inaugurate
  4. shall inaugurate
  5. will inaugurate
  6. will inaugurate
continuous present
  1. am inaugurating
  2. are inaugurating
  3. is inaugurating
  4. are inaugurating
  5. are inaugurating
  6. are inaugurating
  1. be inaugurated
  2. be inaugurated
  3. be inaugurated
  4. be inaugurated
  5. be inaugurated
  6. be inaugurated
  1. inaugurate!
  2. let's inaugurate!
  3. inaugurated
  4. inaugurating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for inaugurate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
estrenar inaugurate; initiate; instal; install
inaugurar inaugurate; initiate; instal; install begin; bless; bring up; broach; broach a subject; consecrate; cut into; herald; introduce; open; put forward; put on the table; ring in; sanctify; start
instalar inaugurate; initiate; instal; install adjust; appoint; arrange; begin; enter into; establish; initiate; instal; install; institute; set; set up; start; start off; station; take on
- introduce; kick off; usher in
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- consecrate

Related Words for "inaugurate":

Synonyms for "inaugurate":

Related Definitions for "inaugurate":

  1. be a precursor of1
  2. commence officially1
  3. open ceremoniously or dedicate formally1

Wiktionary Translations for inaugurate:

  1. to dedicate ceremoniously
  2. to induct into office