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incitement [the ~] noun

  1. the incitement (incentive; stimulus; impulse)
    el incentivo; el estímulo; la estimulación; la instigación; la reencarnación; el reanimación
  2. the incitement (stimulant; stimulus; impulse; thrill; stimulation)
    el incentivo; el impulso; la incitación
  3. the incitement (stirring up; instigation)
    la instigación; la incitación

Translation Matrix for incitement:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
estimulación impulse; incentive; incitement; stimulus cheer; cheers; consolation; encouragement; encouraging; help; instigation; putting on; stay; stimulation; support; switching on; turning on; turning up; urging; urging on
estímulo impulse; incentive; incitement; stimulus boost; bracer; cheer; cheering up; cheers; comfort; consolation; dram; drive; encouragement; encouraging; help; impetus; impulse; incentive; instigation; instinct; intuition; momentum; nip; perking up; putting on; relief; reviver; spur; stay; stimulation; stimulus; support; switching on; turning on; turning up; urging; urging on
impulso impulse; incitement; stimulant; stimulation; stimulus; thrill ardor; ardour; boost; congestion; craving; drive; hold-up; impetus; impulse; incentive; initiative; instigation; instinct; intuition; jam; momentum; passion; spur; stagnation; start; stimulus; stoppage; urging; verve; zeal; zest
incentivo impulse; incentive; incitement; stimulant; stimulation; stimulus; thrill instigation; stimulation
incitación impulse; incitement; instigation; stimulant; stimulation; stimulus; stirring up; thrill cheers; encouragement; encouraging; help; instigation; poking; poking up; putting on; stay; stimulation; support; switching on; turning on; turning up; urging; urging on
instigación impulse; incentive; incitement; instigation; stimulus; stirring up causing; instigation; poking; poking up; stimulation
reanimación impulse; incentive; incitement; stimulus
reencarnación impulse; incentive; incitement; stimulus
- exhortation; incitation; provocation
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
estímulo lift
- incentive; stimulation

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Related Definitions for "incitement":

  1. an act of urging on or spurring on or rousing to action or instigating1
    • the incitement of mutiny1
  2. the act of exhorting; an earnest attempt at persuasion1
  3. needed encouragement1
  4. something that incites or provokes; a means of arousing or stirring to action1

Wiktionary Translations for incitement:

Cross Translation:
incitement estimulación stimulatieopwekking, aansporing, prikkel
incitement exhortación aansporing — aanmoediging tot actie
incitement invitación; exhortación; requerimiento; mandato; exigencia Aufforderung — Dringende Bitte, etwas zu tun
incitement aliciente; impulso incitationaction d’inciter.

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