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Detailed Translations for insolvency from English to Spanish


insolvency [the ~] noun

  1. the insolvency (insolvent)
    la incapacidad; la insolvencia; la impotencia; la falta de medios
  2. the insolvency (destitution)
    la pobreza

Translation Matrix for insolvency:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
falta de medios insolvency; insolvent helplessness; impotence; powerlessness
impotencia insolvency; insolvent helplessness; impotence; powerlessness
incapacidad insolvency; insolvent helplessness; ignorance; impotence; incapability; incapacity; incompetence; inviolability; invulnerability; powerlessness
insolvencia insolvency; insolvent impotence; powerlessness
pobreza destitution; insolvency dearth; depravedness; destituteness; destitution; famine; harbourless; hardship; indigentness; lack; meagerness; meagreness; need; needyness; of limited means; parsimony; paucity; penury; poorness; poverty; scantiness; scarcity; seediness; shabbiness; shortage; slenderness; tightness; want

Related Words for "insolvency":

Synonyms for "insolvency":

  • financial condition; economic condition

Antonyms for "insolvency":

Related Definitions for "insolvency":

  1. the lack of financial resources1

Wiktionary Translations for insolvency:

  1. the condition of being insolvent

Cross Translation:
insolvency insolvencia InsolvenzKonsequenz der Zahlungsunfähigkeit