Detailed Translations for lashing from English to Spanish


lashing [the ~] noun

  1. the lashing
    el atozar; el latigazos
  2. the lashing (trashing; whipping)
    la paliza

Translation Matrix for lashing:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atozar lashing
latigazos lashing weals; welts
paliza lashing; trashing; whipping a beating; body; pasting; thrashing
- flagellation; flogging; tanning; whipping

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Synonyms for "lashing":

Related Definitions for "lashing":

  1. violently urging on by whipping or flogging1
    • looked at the lashing riders1
  2. beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment1
  3. rope that is used for fastening something to something else1
    • the boats were held together by lashings1


lash [the ~] noun

  1. the lash (eyelash)
    la pestaña
  2. the lash (blow; swipe; stroke; slap; smack)
    la palmada

Conjugations for lash:

  1. lash
  2. lash
  3. lashes
  4. lash
  5. lash
  6. lash
simple past
  1. lashed
  2. lashed
  3. lashed
  4. lashed
  5. lashed
  6. lashed
present perfect
  1. have lashed
  2. have lashed
  3. has lashed
  4. have lashed
  5. have lashed
  6. have lashed
past continuous
  1. was lashing
  2. were lashing
  3. was lashing
  4. were lashing
  5. were lashing
  6. were lashing
  1. shall lash
  2. will lash
  3. will lash
  4. shall lash
  5. will lash
  6. will lash
continuous present
  1. am lashing
  2. are lashing
  3. is lashing
  4. are lashing
  5. are lashing
  6. are lashing
  1. be lashed
  2. be lashed
  3. be lashed
  4. be lashed
  5. be lashed
  6. be lashed
  1. lash!
  2. let's lash!
  3. lashed
  4. lashing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lash:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atar affixing; attaching; fastening; tie to
palmada blow; lash; slap; smack; stroke; swipe blow; hand's breadth; slap; smack; small slap
pestaña eyelash; lash tab
- cilium; eyelash; thong; whip; whiplash
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
amarrar bind; lash; tie anchor; bind; bind fast; bind up; cram up a lesson; fasten; join; learn; moor; pinion; secure; study; tie; tie down; tie up; train
apalear beat up; castigate; drub; flog; lash; rack; trounce; whack; whip cudgel; drub; thwack; trash; wallop
aporrear beat up; castigate; drub; flog; lash; rack; trounce; whack; whip bang; batter; beat; beat up; hammer; hit; knock about; pound; punch; push; smack; smash; strike; thump
atar bind; lash; tie anchor; attach; bind; bind fast; bind round; bind together; bind up; bundle; button; button up; cant; confirm; connect; detain; fasten; fasten on; fix; join; keep on a string; knot; lace; lace up; leash on; moor; pinion; put on; secure; string; tack up; tie; tie on; tie together; tie up; tie up high; unite
darle una paliza a alguien beat up; castigate; drub; flog; lash; rack; trounce; whack; whip beat up; whip
darle una tunda de golpes beat up; castigate; drub; flog; lash; rack; trounce; whack; whip
flagelar beat up; castigate; drub; flog; lash; rack; trounce; whack; whip
sujetar bind; lash; tie attach; bind up; boost; clamp; confirm; connect; encourage; fasten; gag; hold; motivate; oppress; prop; prop up; push on; secure; shore; stimulate; support; tie up; tie up high
vapulear beat up; castigate; drub; flog; lash; rack; trounce; whack; whip
- flog; lather; slash; strap; trounce; welt; whip
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- thong; whiplash

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Antonyms for "lash":

  • unlash

Related Definitions for "lash":

  1. a quick blow delivered with a whip or whiplike object1
  2. leather strip that forms the flexible part of a whip1
  3. any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids1
  4. bind with a rope, chain, or cord1
    • lash the horse1
  5. strike as if by whipping1
  6. beat severely with a whip or rod1
  7. lash or flick about sharply1
    • The lion lashed its tail1

Wiktionary Translations for lash:

  1. stroke with a whip

Cross Translation:
lash trincar; abarbetar sjorren — iets met touw stevig vastzetten, zodat deze niet kan overgaan bij transport
lash amarrar; atar zurren(transitiv), Nautik: einen Gegenstand mit Hilfe eines Taues oder einer Kette fixieren
lash azotar flagellersoumettre au supplice du fouet.