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  1. leafy:


Detailed Translations for leafy from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for leafy:

Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
sombreado cross hatch; hatch
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- full of leaves
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
sombreado leafy; shaded; shadowy; shady shadowing; shadowy
umbroso leafy; shaded; shadowy; shady shadowing; shadowy
umbrío leafy; shaded; shadowy; shady shadowing; shadowy

Related Words for "leafy":

  • leafiness, leafier, leafiest

Synonyms for "leafy":

  • bifoliate; bowery; curly-leaved; curly-leafed; fan-leaved; fan-leafed; fine-leaved; fine-leafed; foliaceous; foliose; foliaged; foliate; foliolate; grassy-leaved; grassy-leafed; ivied; ivy-covered; large-leaved; large-leafed; leafed; leaved; leaflike; leaf-like; leather-leaved; leather-leafed; petallike; petal-like; pinnate-leaved; pinnate-leafed; prickly-leaved; prickly-leafed; silky-leaved; silky-leafed; silver-leaved; silvery-leaved; silver-leafed; silvery-leafed; spiny-leaved; spiny-leafed; two-leaved; two-leafed; unifoliate

Antonyms for "leafy":

Related Definitions for "leafy":

  1. having or covered with leaves1
    • leafy trees1
    • leafy vegetables1

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