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Detailed Translations for lightning rod from English to Spanish

lightning rod:

lightning rod [the ~] noun

  1. the lightning rod (lightning conductor)
    el pararrayos

Translation Matrix for lightning rod:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pararrayos lightning conductor; lightning rod
- lightning conductor

Synonyms for "lightning rod":

Related Definitions for "lightning rod":

  1. a metallic conductor that is attached to a high point and leads to the ground; protects the building from destruction by lightning1
  2. someone who is a frequent target of negative reactions and serves to distract attention from another1

Wiktionary Translations for lightning rod:

lightning rod
  1. metallic conductor that protects from lightning

Cross Translation:
lightning rod pararrayos Blitzableiter — eine technische Schutzeinrichtung vor Blitzeinschlag bei Gebäuden
lightning rod pararrayos bliksemafleider — een metalen stang of constructie die de bliksem aantrekt en naar de grond afvoert.
lightning rod pararrayos paratonnerre — Tige métallique attirant la foudre

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