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Detailed Translations for livelihood from English to Spanish


livelihood [the ~] noun

  1. the livelihood (bread winning)
    el sustento; el trabajo; la profesión

Translation Matrix for livelihood:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
profesión bread winning; livelihood branch; craft; employment; job; metier; métier; occupation; occupational group; profession; trade; work
sustento bread winning; livelihood
trabajo bread winning; livelihood achievement; action; chore; craft; duties; employment; function; hobby; installment; instalment; job; labor; labour; metier; métier; occupation; pastime; performance; play; playing; position; post; profession; project; task; wagework; work; working; workpiece
- bread and butter; keep; living; support; sustenance

Related Words for "livelihood":

  • livelihoods

Synonyms for "livelihood":

Related Definitions for "livelihood":

  1. the financial means whereby one lives1
    • he could no longer earn his own livelihood1

Wiktionary Translations for livelihood:

  1. means of supporting oneself

Cross Translation:
livelihood acomodo; medios de vida; subsistencia Auskommen — finanzielle oder materielle Mittel zur Deckung der täglichen Bedürfnisse
livelihood existencias Existenz — die Notwendigkeiten für eine Lebensgrundlage
livelihood sustento gagne-pain — Ce qui fait subsister quelqu’un
livelihood víveres; medio; recurso ressource — Traductions à trier suivant le sens