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  1. pass judgement:


Detailed Translations for pass judgement from English to Spanish

pass judgement:

to pass judgement verb (passes judgement, passed judgement, passing judgement)

  1. to pass judgement (judge; administer justice)

Conjugations for pass judgement:

  1. pass judgement
  2. pass judgement
  3. passes judgement
  4. pass judgement
  5. pass judgement
  6. pass judgement
simple past
  1. passed judgement
  2. passed judgement
  3. passed judgement
  4. passed judgement
  5. passed judgement
  6. passed judgement
present perfect
  1. have passed judgement
  2. have passed judgement
  3. has passed judgement
  4. have passed judgement
  5. have passed judgement
  6. have passed judgement
past continuous
  1. was passing judgement
  2. were passing judgement
  3. was passing judgement
  4. were passing judgement
  5. were passing judgement
  6. were passing judgement
  1. shall pass judgement
  2. will pass judgement
  3. will pass judgement
  4. shall pass judgement
  5. will pass judgement
  6. will pass judgement
continuous present
  1. am passing judgement
  2. are passing judgement
  3. is passing judgement
  4. are passing judgement
  5. are passing judgement
  6. are passing judgement
  1. be passed judgement
  2. be passed judgement
  3. be passed judgement
  4. be passed judgement
  5. be passed judgement
  6. be passed judgement
  1. pass judgement!
  2. let's pass judgement!
  3. passed judgement
  4. passing judgement
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pass judgement:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
administrar justicia administer justice; judge; pass judgement
formarse un juicio administer justice; judge; pass judgement
juzgar administer justice; judge; pass judgement criticise; criticize
sentenciar administer justice; judge; pass judgement adjudicate; condemn; convict; judge; pass sentence on; sentence; try

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