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Detailed Translations for pass through from English to Spanish

pass through:

to pass through verb (passes through, passed through, passing through)

  1. to pass through (travel through)
  2. to pass through (travel through)
  3. to pass through (pass through by boat; travel through)

Conjugations for pass through:

  1. pass through
  2. pass through
  3. passes through
  4. pass through
  5. pass through
  6. pass through
simple past
  1. passed through
  2. passed through
  3. passed through
  4. passed through
  5. passed through
  6. passed through
present perfect
  1. have passed through
  2. have passed through
  3. has passed through
  4. have passed through
  5. have passed through
  6. have passed through
past continuous
  1. was passing through
  2. were passing through
  3. was passing through
  4. were passing through
  5. were passing through
  6. were passing through
  1. shall pass through
  2. will pass through
  3. will pass through
  4. shall pass through
  5. will pass through
  6. will pass through
continuous present
  1. am passing through
  2. are passing through
  3. is passing through
  4. are passing through
  5. are passing through
  6. are passing through
  1. be passed through
  2. be passed through
  3. be passed through
  4. be passed through
  5. be passed through
  6. be passed through
  1. pass through!
  2. let's pass through!
  3. passed through
  4. passing through
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pass through:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atravesar crossing over; running over; walking across
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atravesar pass through; pass through by boat; travel through break through; cleave; cross; cross over; cut; hew through; move over; traverse
pasar por pass through; travel through adjudicate; be reported to be; bear; call at; call on; come past; condemn; continue; drop by; drop in; encounter; endure; experience; feel; go on; go through; judge; live through; look for; look up; pass; pass for; seek out; sentence; stand; sustain; take it further; try; visit; walk past
pasar por viajando pass through; travel through
pasear por pass through; travel through
recorrer pass through; travel through go about; go to; head for; make for; travel about; travel around; wander about
- infiltrate; move through; pass across; pass over; transit
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atravesar exaggerated

Synonyms for "pass through":

Related Definitions for "pass through":

  1. pass through an enemy line; in a military conflict1
  2. make a passage or journey from one place to another1
    • Some travelers pass through the desert1
  3. cause to move through1

Wiktionary Translations for pass through:

pass through
  1. to transit

Cross Translation:
pass through leer de cabo a rabo; recorrer; atravesar parcourirtraverser un espace en divers sens.
pass through atravesar traverser — Percer

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