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Detailed Translations for phone booth from English to Spanish

phone booth:

phone booth [the ~] noun

  1. the phone booth (call-box; phone box)
    la cabina telefónica; la cabina; el locutorio; el parlatorio

Translation Matrix for phone booth:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cabina call-box; phone booth; phone box cabin; changing-room; cockpit; construction shed; control-cabin; cot; cubicle; den; dressing-room; driver's cabin; fitting cubicle; fitting room; groyne; hangar; hovel; hut; robing-room; saloon; shanty; shealing; shed; shepherd's hut; site hut
cabina telefónica call-box; phone booth; phone box
locutorio call-box; phone booth; phone box cabin
parlatorio call-box; phone booth; phone box
- call box; telephone booth; telephone box; telephone kiosk

Synonyms for "phone booth":

Related Definitions for "phone booth":

  1. booth for using a telephone1

Wiktionary Translations for phone booth:

Cross Translation:
phone booth teléfono público cabine téléphonique — Téléphone à l’usage du public

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