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  1. pick loose:


Detailed Translations for pick loose from English to Spanish

pick loose:

to pick loose verb (picks loose, picked loose, picking loose)

  1. to pick loose

Conjugations for pick loose:

  1. pick loose
  2. pick loose
  3. picks loose
  4. pick loose
  5. pick loose
  6. pick loose
simple past
  1. picked loose
  2. picked loose
  3. picked loose
  4. picked loose
  5. picked loose
  6. picked loose
present perfect
  1. have picked loose
  2. have picked loose
  3. has picked loose
  4. have picked loose
  5. have picked loose
  6. have picked loose
past continuous
  1. was picking loose
  2. were picking loose
  3. was picking loose
  4. were picking loose
  5. were picking loose
  6. were picking loose
  1. shall pick loose
  2. will pick loose
  3. will pick loose
  4. shall pick loose
  5. will pick loose
  6. will pick loose
continuous present
  1. am picking loose
  2. are picking loose
  3. is picking loose
  4. are picking loose
  5. are picking loose
  6. are picking loose
  1. be picked loose
  2. be picked loose
  3. be picked loose
  4. be picked loose
  5. be picked loose
  6. be picked loose
  1. pick loose!
  2. let's pick loose!
  3. picked loose
  4. picking loose
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for pick loose:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hurgar pick loose boost; burrow; clamber; climb; dig; encourage; grabble; grope about; jab; motivate; pick; poke; prod; push on; root; root up; rout; rummage; rummage about; rummage around; scramble; shin; sniff; stimulate
soltar rascando pick loose

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