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  1. play the spy:


Detailed Translations for play the spy from English to Spanish

play the spy:

to play the spy verb (plays the spy, played the spy, playing the spy)

  1. to play the spy (peep; be a Peeping Tom; spy)
  2. to play the spy (spy on; spy; keep an eye out; be on the lookout)

Conjugations for play the spy:

  1. play the spy
  2. play the spy
  3. plays the spy
  4. play the spy
  5. play the spy
  6. play the spy
simple past
  1. played the spy
  2. played the spy
  3. played the spy
  4. played the spy
  5. played the spy
  6. played the spy
present perfect
  1. have played the spy
  2. have played the spy
  3. has played the spy
  4. have played the spy
  5. have played the spy
  6. have played the spy
past continuous
  1. was playing the spy
  2. were playing the spy
  3. was playing the spy
  4. were playing the spy
  5. were playing the spy
  6. were playing the spy
  1. shall play the spy
  2. will play the spy
  3. will play the spy
  4. shall play the spy
  5. will play the spy
  6. will play the spy
continuous present
  1. am playing the spy
  2. are playing the spy
  3. is playing the spy
  4. are playing the spy
  5. are playing the spy
  6. are playing the spy
  1. be played the spy
  2. be played the spy
  3. be played the spy
  4. be played the spy
  5. be played the spy
  6. be played the spy
  1. play the spy!
  2. let's play the spy!
  3. played the spy
  4. playing the spy
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for play the spy:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
espiar leer
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acechar be a Peeping Tom; peep; play the spy; spy glance; glare at; glint; look sharply at; peek; peep at; peer; spy upon
espiar be a Peeping Tom; be on the lookout; keep an eye out; peep; play the spy; spy; spy on glare at; look sharply at; peep; peep at; peer; spy on; spy out; spy upon; watch
mirar a escondidas be a Peeping Tom; peep; play the spy; spy peep; peep at; watch

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