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  1. plough up:


Detailed Translations for plough up from English to Spanish

plough up:

to plough up verb (ploughs up, ploughed up, ploughing up)

  1. to plough up (plough; dig; convert; reform; break up)
    labrar; arar
  2. to plough up (spud up weeds; weed; spud out weeds; plough)

Conjugations for plough up:

  1. plough up
  2. plough up
  3. ploughs up
  4. plough up
  5. plough up
  6. plough up
simple past
  1. ploughed up
  2. ploughed up
  3. ploughed up
  4. ploughed up
  5. ploughed up
  6. ploughed up
present perfect
  1. have ploughed up
  2. have ploughed up
  3. has ploughed up
  4. have ploughed up
  5. have ploughed up
  6. have ploughed up
past continuous
  1. was ploughing up
  2. were ploughing up
  3. was ploughing up
  4. were ploughing up
  5. were ploughing up
  6. were ploughing up
  1. shall plough up
  2. will plough up
  3. will plough up
  4. shall plough up
  5. will plough up
  6. will plough up
continuous present
  1. am ploughing up
  2. are ploughing up
  3. is ploughing up
  4. are ploughing up
  5. are ploughing up
  6. are ploughing up
  1. be ploughed up
  2. be ploughed up
  3. be ploughed up
  4. be ploughed up
  5. be ploughed up
  6. be ploughed up
  1. plough up!
  2. let's plough up!
  3. ploughed up
  4. ploughing up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for plough up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
arar break up; convert; dig; plough; plough up; reform
labrar break up; convert; dig; plough; plough up; reform take care; treat
sachar plough; plough up; spud out weeds; spud up weeds; weed

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