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ridge [the ~] noun

  1. the ridge (edge; side)
    el reborde; el saliente
  2. the ridge (mountain ridge; mountain cam)
    la cresta
  3. the ridge (rib)
    la ranura; la acanaladura
  4. the ridge (crest; roof-ridge)
  5. the ridge (crest)
    la cresta; la cadena de colinas
  6. the ridge (fold)
    el pliegue

Translation Matrix for ridge:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acanaladura rib; ridge grooves; hollows
caballete de un tejado crest; ridge; roof-ridge
cadena de colinas crest; ridge
cresta crest; mountain cam; mountain ridge; ridge Mohican haircut; crest; peak; spike; top
pliegue fold; ridge crease; dog ear; fold; folds; pleat; pleats; tuck
ranura rib; ridge channel; cleft; ditch; fairway; fissure; furrow; gap; groove; gully; lane; notch; rabbet; runway; seam; slit; slot; socket; split; trench
reborde edge; ridge; side bending; cuff; cuff link; seam
saliente edge; ridge; side process; projecting part; projection; protrusion; protuberance; standing out
- ridgeline; ridgepole; rooftree
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- gaffend
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
saliente capital; considerable; conspicuous; distinct; explicit; notable; obvious; outstanding; pronounced; remarkable; respectable; significant; striking; substantial; unmistakable

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Related Definitions for "ridge":

  1. a beam laid along the edge where two sloping sides of a roof meet at the top; provides an attachment for the upper ends of rafters1
  2. any long raised border or margin of a bone or tooth or membrane1
  3. a long narrow natural elevation or striation1
  4. a long narrow range of hills1
  5. a long narrow natural elevation on the floor of the ocean1
  6. any long raised strip1
  7. form into a ridge1
  8. spade into alternate ridges and troughs1
    • ridge the soil1
  9. throw soil toward (a crop row) from both sides1
    • He ridged his corn1
  10. plough alternate strips by throwing the furrow onto an unploughed strip1
  11. extend in ridges1
    • The land ridges towards the South1

Wiktionary Translations for ridge:

  1. line of intersection
  2. chain of mountains
  3. elevation on ocean bottom

Cross Translation:
ridge cresta Grat — schmaler Bergkamm, Bergrücken
ridge paso Joch — Senke im Gebirgsprofil, die einen Gipfel vom nächsten oder zwei Bergstöcke voneinander trennt
ridge cresta crêteexcroissance charnue que les coqs et quelques autres gallinacés ont sur leur tête.

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