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Detailed Translations for shanty from English to Spanish


shanty [the ~] noun

  1. the shanty (shed; barn)
    la barraca; el cobertizo; el galpón; la caseta del perro; la casucha; el cajón para la sal; el granero; la chabola
  2. the shanty (site hut; hangar; shed; construction shed)
    la cabaña; la cabina; la barraca

Translation Matrix for shanty:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
barraca barn; construction shed; hangar; shanty; shed; site hut bar; barrack; barroom; cabin; caboodle; cage; chaos; cot; groyne; hash; kennel; makeshift building; mayhem; mess; muddle; old barrack; old tub; pen; pig-sty; rabbit-hutch; shealing; shepherd's hut; site hut; soldiers's room; temporary building; temporary construction
cabaña construction shed; hangar; shanty; shed; site hut burrow; cabin; cage; cot; cottage; den; groyne; hole; hovel; hut; kennel; lair; little house; pen; pig-sty; rabbit-hutch; shealing; shed; shepherd's hut; shepherd's shed
cabina construction shed; hangar; shanty; shed; site hut cabin; call-box; changing-room; cockpit; control-cabin; cot; cubicle; den; dressing-room; driver's cabin; fitting cubicle; fitting room; groyne; hovel; hut; phone booth; phone box; robing-room; saloon; shealing; shed; shepherd's hut
cajón para la sal barn; shanty; shed
caseta del perro barn; shanty; shed den; dog kennel; doghouse; hovel; hut; shed
casucha barn; shanty; shed back street; cabin; caboodle; chaos; cot; cottage; den; dump; groyne; hash; hovel; hut; little house; mayhem; mess; muddle; shealing; shed; shepherd's hut; site hut; slum; slum dwelling
chabola barn; shanty; shed back street; cabin; cot; den; dump; groyne; hovel; hut; shed; site hut; slum; slum dwelling
cobertizo barn; shanty; shed bus stop; cover; cover up roof; covering; covering for the head; hat; little barn; little shed; penthouse; roof; roofing over; shed; shelter; top
galpón barn; shanty; shed
granero barn; shanty; shed corn-shed; cornloft; grain storage; grain warehouse; granary; silo
- chantey; chanty; hovel; hut; hutch; sea chantey; shack

Related Words for "shanty":

  • shanties

Synonyms for "shanty":

  • hovel; hut; hutch; shack; shelter
  • chantey; chanty; sea chantey; work song

Related Definitions for "shanty":

  1. small crude shelter used as a dwelling1
  2. a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors1

Wiktionary Translations for shanty:

  1. An old run-down house or shack

Cross Translation:
shanty choza; cabaña cabane — Petite maison grossièrement construire.
shanty cabaña chaumière — Petite maison couverte d’un toit de chaume.
shanty cabaña; choza hutte — Petite cabane faire de bois, de terre, de paille, etc.