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  1. sourdines:


Detailed Translations for sourdines from English to Spanish


sourdines [the ~] noun

  1. the sourdines (silencers; mutes; mufflers)
    el silenciadores
  2. the sourdines (mutes; dampers; damps)
    la sordinas; el apagadores
  3. the sourdines (mutes; dampers; sordinos)
    la sordina; el apagador

Translation Matrix for sourdines:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apagador dampers; mutes; sordinos; sourdines damper; exhaust; extinguisher; mute; snuffer; sordino; sourdine
apagadores dampers; damps; mutes; sourdines
silenciadores mufflers; mutes; silencers; sourdines mufflers; silencers
sordina dampers; mutes; sordinos; sourdines damper; mute; mutt; silencer; sordino; sourdine
sordinas dampers; damps; mutes; sourdines mufflers; silencers