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  1. speak thickly:


Detailed Translations for speak thickly from English to Spanish

speak thickly:

to speak thickly verb (speaks thickly, spoke thickly, speaking thickly)

  1. to speak thickly (talk drunk; splutter)

Conjugations for speak thickly:

  1. speak thickly
  2. speak thickly
  3. speaks thickly
  4. speak thickly
  5. speak thickly
  6. speak thickly
simple past
  1. spoke thickly
  2. spoke thickly
  3. spoke thickly
  4. spoke thickly
  5. spoke thickly
  6. spoke thickly
present perfect
  1. have spoken thickly
  2. have spoken thickly
  3. has spoken thickly
  4. have spoken thickly
  5. have spoken thickly
  6. have spoken thickly
past continuous
  1. was speaking thickly
  2. were speaking thickly
  3. was speaking thickly
  4. were speaking thickly
  5. were speaking thickly
  6. were speaking thickly
  1. shall speak thickly
  2. will speak thickly
  3. will speak thickly
  4. shall speak thickly
  5. will speak thickly
  6. will speak thickly
continuous present
  1. am speaking thickly
  2. are speaking thickly
  3. is speaking thickly
  4. are speaking thickly
  5. are speaking thickly
  6. are speaking thickly
  1. be spoken thickly
  2. be spoken thickly
  3. be spoken thickly
  4. be spoken thickly
  5. be spoken thickly
  6. be spoken thickly
  1. speak thickly!
  2. let's speak thickly!
  3. spoken thickly
  4. speaking thickly
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for speak thickly:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
balbucir speak thickly; splutter; talk drunk falter; stagger; sway
delirar speak thickly; splutter; talk drunk hasten; hurry; hurry up; rave; rush; talk nonsense
farfullar speak thickly; splutter; talk drunk botch; bungle; fool about; fool around; fumble; gabble; hang loosely; jabber; mess about; mess around; muddle; muddle on; mumble; tinker

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