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  1. specie:


Detailed Translations for specie from English to Spanish


specie [the ~] noun

  1. the specie (coin)
    la moneda; el penique; la ficha; la espiga; la clavija; la insignia
  2. the specie (coin; metal)
    la moneda
  3. the specie (coins)

Translation Matrix for specie:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
clavija coin; specie badge; clamp; clip; cotter pin; cramp; cramp-iron; flag; nail; peg; pile; pin; plug; pub; public house; purse; rick; safety pin; safety-pin; stack; tavern; wallet
espiga coin; specie badge; ball pen; ballpoint; ear of corn; ear of wheat; flag; peg; pen; pin; plug
ficha coin; specie badge; chip; commemorative coin; commemorative medal; flag; master card; pin; rock; rock formation; stone; stones; tab page
insignia coin; specie badge; decoration; head-piece; honor; honour; insignia; knighthood; mark; medal; order; pin; tail-piece; token; vignette
moneda coin; metal; specie badge; cash; coin; currency; funds; insignia; money; penny
mortero de menta coins; specie
penique coin; specie badge; commemorative coin; commemorative medal; insignia
- coinage; metal money; mintage

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Synonyms for "specie":

  • coinage; mintage; metal money; currency

Related Definitions for "specie":

  1. coins collectively1