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  1. state precisely:


Detailed Translations for state precisely from English to Spanish

state precisely:

to state precisely verb (states precisely, stated precisely, stating precisely)

  1. to state precisely (define)

Conjugations for state precisely:

  1. state precisely
  2. state precisely
  3. states precisely
  4. state precisely
  5. state precisely
  6. state precisely
simple past
  1. stated precisely
  2. stated precisely
  3. stated precisely
  4. stated precisely
  5. stated precisely
  6. stated precisely
present perfect
  1. have stated precisely
  2. have stated precisely
  3. has stated precisely
  4. have stated precisely
  5. have stated precisely
  6. have stated precisely
past continuous
  1. was stating precisely
  2. were stating precisely
  3. was stating precisely
  4. were stating precisely
  5. were stating precisely
  6. were stating precisely
  1. shall state precisely
  2. will state precisely
  3. will state precisely
  4. shall state precisely
  5. will state precisely
  6. will state precisely
continuous present
  1. am stating precisely
  2. are stating precisely
  3. is stating precisely
  4. are stating precisely
  5. are stating precisely
  6. are stating precisely
  1. be stated precisely
  2. be stated precisely
  3. be stated precisely
  4. be stated precisely
  5. be stated precisely
  6. be stated precisely
  1. state precisely!
  2. let's state precisely!
  3. stated precisely
  4. stating precisely
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for state precisely:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
definir define; state precisely clearly define; define; demarcate; describe; determine; establish; fence; fence in; fence off; identify; map out; mark out; outline; sketch; trace out
detallar define; state precisely clarify; define; describe; detail; determine; explain; make clear; make explicit; outline; sketch; specify
especificar define; state precisely compute; define; detail; determine; draw up; elaborate; outline; specify; work out
precisar define; state precisely compute; detail; draw up; elaborate; specify; work out

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