Detailed Translations for subservience from English to Spanish


subservience [the ~] noun

  1. the subservience (compliance; complaisance)
    la sumisión; la servidumbre; la servicialidad
  2. the subservience (humility; submissiveness; modestness)
    la modestia; la sumisión; la docilidad; el servilismo
  3. the subservience (compliance; courtesy; modesty; complaisance; kindness)
    el servicio; la gentileza; la servicialidad

Translation Matrix for subservience:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
docilidad humility; modestness; submissiveness; subservience manageability; quietness; tameness; willingness
gentileza complaisance; compliance; courtesy; kindness; modesty; subservience
modestia humility; modestness; submissiveness; subservience demureness; frugality; having no pretentions; measure; moderation; modesty; plainness; quietness; reservedness; retiring nature; scantiness; simpleness; simplicity; sobriety; unpretentiousness
servicialidad complaisance; compliance; courtesy; kindness; modesty; subservience
servicio complaisance; compliance; courtesy; kindness; modesty; subservience after-sales; aid; assistance; bathroom; customer service; face-lift; help; institution; lavatory; overhaul; provision of services; relief; service; service department; services; serving; social security; support; wc; welfare
servidumbre complaisance; compliance; subservience bondage; domestic help; domestic helpers; domestic staff; domestic workers; domestics; feudal system; feudalism; maids; serfage; serfdom; servants
servilismo humility; modestness; submissiveness; subservience bondage; bondservice; servility; slavishness; thraldom; thralldom
sumisión complaisance; compliance; humility; modestness; submissiveness; subservience submission
- obsequiousness; servility; subservientness

Synonyms for "subservience":

Related Definitions for "subservience":

  1. abject or cringing submissiveness1
  2. in a subservient state1
  3. the condition of being something that is useful in reaching an end or carrying out a plan1
    • all his actions were in subservience to the general plan1