Detailed Translations for teacher from English to Spanish


teacher [the ~] noun

  1. the teacher (tutor; instructor; master; mentor)
    el profesor; el docente; la profesora; el mentor; el maestro; el educador; el pedagogo; el instructor
  2. the teacher (schoolteacher; master; instructor; schoolmaster)
    el profesor de la enseñanza básica; la profesora; el maestro; la tía
  3. the teacher (school-teacher; school-mistress)
    la profesora; la educadora; la instructora; la maestra
  4. the teacher (instructor; tutor)
    el instructor; el preparador; el maestro; el educador
  5. the teacher (schoolmaster; educator; tutor; )
    el profesor; el maestro; el docente
  6. the teacher (tutor; instructor)
    la guía; la profesora particular; la profesora; la preceptora; la mentor; la educadora; la pedagoga; la preparadora
  7. the teacher
    el maestro
  8. the teacher

Translation Matrix for teacher:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
docente captain; educator; instructor; master; mentor; pedagogue; schoolmaster; skipper; teacher; tutor gent; king; lord; master; mister; ruler
educador instructor; master; mentor; teacher; tutor
educadora instructor; school-mistress; school-teacher; teacher; tutor educator
guía instructor; teacher; tutor companion; directory; guide; guide book; guidebook; handbook; host; information guide; instructions; instructions for use; leader; manual; mentor; promoter; rabbet; railway timetable; runway; scoutmaster; timetable; tour guide; train timetable; travel brochure; travel guide
instructor instructor; master; mentor; teacher; tutor
instructora school-mistress; school-teacher; teacher instructor; instructress
maestra school-mistress; school-teacher; teacher Ms.; madam; miss; mistress
maestro captain; educator; instructor; master; mentor; pedagogue; schoolmaster; schoolteacher; skipper; teacher; tutor LL.M.; boss; chief; gent; jurist; king; lawyer; leader; legal expert; lord; maestro; master; mister; principal; ruler
mentor instructor; master; mentor; teacher; tutor boss; captain; centurion; chief; commander; guide; headman; leader; master; mentor; principal
pedagoga instructor; teacher; tutor
pedagogo instructor; master; mentor; teacher; tutor educationist; educator; tutor
preceptora instructor; teacher; tutor
preparador instructor; teacher; tutor coach; preparer; trainer
preparadora instructor; teacher; tutor
profesor captain; educator; instructor; master; mentor; pedagogue; schoolmaster; skipper; teacher; tutor gent; king; lord; master; mister; ruler
profesor de la enseñanza básica instructor; master; schoolmaster; schoolteacher; teacher
profesora instructor; master; mentor; school-mistress; school-teacher; schoolmaster; schoolteacher; teacher; tutor schoolmistress; schoolteacher
profesora particular instructor; teacher; tutor
tía instructor; master; schoolmaster; schoolteacher; teacher aunt; auntie; baby; bint; bird; bit of skirt; brill; chick; child; dame; doll; female; infant; little girl; wife; woman
- instructor
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
guía guide
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
personal docente teacher
- guide; instructor; supervisor; tutor
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
docente teaching

Related Words for "teacher":

Synonyms for "teacher":

Related Definitions for "teacher":

  1. a personified abstraction that teaches1
    • books were his teachers1
    • experience is a demanding teacher1
  2. a person whose occupation is teaching1

Wiktionary Translations for teacher:

  1. person who teaches

Cross Translation:
teacher maestro de escuela schoolmeester — onderwijs|nld mannelijke leerkracht
teacher maestra schooljuffrouw — onderwijs|nld vrouw die (lager) onderwijs geeft vaak kortweg juf genoemd, schooljuf, onderwijzeres
teacher maestra onderwijzeres — een oude benaming voor een vrouwelijke leraar op een lagere school of basisschool
teacher maestro onderwijzer — iemand die lesgeeft
teacher profesora; maestra lerares — onderwijs|nld, beroep|nld vrouw die les geeft in het lager of middelbaar onderwijs
teacher profesor leraar — iemand die lesgeeft
teacher docente leerkracht — iemand die lesgeeft
teacher instructor instructeur — onderwijs|nld beroep|nld iemand die anderen instrueert (onderricht) in een vaardigheid
teacher profesor Lehrer — Vermittler von Wissen
teacher profesora Lehrerin — Vermittlerin von Wissen, die im Allgemeinen auch mit einem Erziehungsauftrag ausgestattet ist
teacher docente Paukerschülersprachlich, salopp, meist abwertend: Lehrer an einer Schule
teacher maestro instituteur — Enseignant d’école primaire.
teacher maestra maitresse — Femme qui enseigne.
teacher maestro maître — Personne qui domine un art
teacher profesor; profesora professeur — Personne qui enseigne

teacher form of teach:

Conjugations for teach:

  1. teach
  2. teach
  3. teaches
  4. teach
  5. teach
  6. teach
simple past
  1. taught
  2. taught
  3. taught
  4. taught
  5. taught
  6. taught
present perfect
  1. have taught
  2. have taught
  3. has taught
  4. have taught
  5. have taught
  6. have taught
past continuous
  1. was teaching
  2. were teaching
  3. was teaching
  4. were teaching
  5. were teaching
  6. were teaching
  1. shall teach
  2. will teach
  3. will teach
  4. shall teach
  5. will teach
  6. will teach
continuous present
  1. am teaching
  2. are teaching
  3. is teaching
  4. are teaching
  5. are teaching
  6. are teaching
  1. be taught
  2. be taught
  3. be taught
  4. be taught
  5. be taught
  6. be taught
  1. teach!
  2. let's teach!
  3. taught
  4. teaching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for teach:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aprender learning; studying
enseñar acquiring; learning
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aprender studying; teach absorb; acquire; allocate; allot; assign; bestow on; collect; confer; gain; get the hang of; give; grant; hear; interpellate; interrogate; learn; pick up; practice; practise; question; receive; study; subsidise; subsidize; train
dar clases brief; explain; inform; instruct; learn; prepare; teach; train learn; qualify; study
educar brief; educate; explain; inform; instruct; learn; prepare; teach; train bring up; develop; educate; lead up; raise; rear; school; train; tutor; unfold
enseñar brief; educate; explain; inform; instruct; learn; prepare; studying; teach; train arise; bring out; display; educate; exhibit; lead up; learn; occur; offer; present; produce; qualify; school; show; study; take out; train; tutor
formar educate; learn; teach adjust; appoint; arrange; be; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; educate; establish; form; initiate; instal; install; institute; invent; knead; lead up; make; manufacture; massage; model; mould; outvote; prepare; put together; reject; school; set; shape; start off; train; tutor; vote down
impartir docencia instruct; teach
impartir enseñanza instruct; teach
instruir brief; explain; inform; instruct; learn; prepare; teach; train alter; assign to; change; create; educate; give an order; instruct; interchange; invent; lead up; make; school; switch; train; transform; tutor; vary
perfeccionar coach; teach; tutor better; better one's life; bring to perfection; complete; correct; egalize; ennoble; even; finnish; get better; improve; make better; perfect; polish; put straight; rectify; refine; renew; set right; smooth
reanimar educate; learn; teach bring around; bring to; bring to consciousness
refinar coach; teach; tutor break; bring to perfection; egalize; ennoble; even; improve; perfect; polish; refine; smooth
- instruct; learn

Related Words for "teach":

Synonyms for "teach":

  • Teach; Edward Teach; Thatch; Edward Thatch; Blackbeard; pirate; buccaneer; sea robber; sea rover
  • learn; instruct; inform
  • habituate; accustom

Related Definitions for "teach":

  1. accustom gradually to some action or attitude1
    • The child is taught to obey her parents1
  2. impart skills or knowledge to1
    • I taught them French1

Wiktionary Translations for teach:

  1. to pass on knowledge

Cross Translation:
teach formar; enseñar scholen — aan een opleiding onderwerpen
teach educar; enseñar onderwijzen — scholing verzorgen voor iemand
teach culturizar; enseñar onderrichten — onderwijzen
teach instruir; enseñar instrueren — een vaardigheid onderwijzen
teach enseñar bijbrengen — zorgen dat iemand iets leert
teach enseñar beibringen — erläutern, zeigen, wie etwas gemacht wird, so dass es der Betreffende dann kann, ebenso macht
teach enseñar lehren — (intransitiv), (transitiv): jemandem etwas (Lehrstoff, Wissen, Fertigkeiten, …) vermitteln, beibringen; jemanden in etwas unterrichten, unterweisen
teach enseñar; dar clase unterrichten — jemandem etwas beibringen

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