Detailed Translations for touchiness from English to Spanish


touchiness [the ~] noun

  1. the touchiness (vulnerability; susceptibility; sensitiveness)
    la sensibilidad; la vulnerabilidad; la debilidad; la susceptibilidad
  2. the touchiness (over-sensitiveness; irritability)
    la hipersensibilidad; la alergia; la delicadeza
  3. the touchiness (susceptibility; irritability; pique)
    la susceptibilidad; la irritación; la irascibilidad
  4. the touchiness (irritability; testiness)
    la irritabilidad

Translation Matrix for touchiness:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alergia irritability; over-sensitiveness; touchiness allergy
debilidad sensitiveness; susceptibility; touchiness; vulnerability feebleness; flaw; frailty; gap; impotence; incapacity; powerlessness; slackness; trivial; weakness
delicadeza irritability; over-sensitiveness; touchiness becomingness; consideration; decency; delicacy; discretion; emotionalism; gentility; over-sensitiveness; propriety; respectability; seemliness; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity; subtleness
hipersensibilidad irritability; over-sensitiveness; touchiness over-sensitiveness
irascibilidad irritability; pique; susceptibility; touchiness
irritabilidad irritability; testiness; touchiness quick temper
irritación irritability; pique; susceptibility; touchiness anger; annoyance; chagrin; crabbedness; drag; exasperation; grumpiness; indignation; irritability; irritation; nuisance; peevishness; pique; spite; surliness; testiness; tetchiness; vexation; wrath
sensibilidad sensitiveness; susceptibility; touchiness; vulnerability delicacy; feeling; frankness; impressionability; knack; openness; sensibility; sensitiveness; sensitivity; sincerity; softness; susceptibility; weakness
susceptibilidad irritability; pique; sensitiveness; susceptibility; touchiness; vulnerability over-sensitiveness
vulnerabilidad sensitiveness; susceptibility; touchiness; vulnerability impressionability; vulnerability
- testiness; tetchiness
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- annoyance; pettiness

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  1. feeling easily irritated1


Translation Matrix for touchy:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
crítico critic; reviewer
quisquilloso caviler; caviller; fault-finder; hair-splitter
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- delicate; feisty; huffy; thin-skinned; ticklish
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- fastidious; irritable; quick to take offence; susceptible
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
complicado critical; delicate; perilous; precarious; touchy annoying; awkward; burdensome; complex; complicated; critical; delicate; difficult; hard; heavy; ill-timed; incompetent; inconvenient; intricate; involved; massive; painful; perilous; precarious; review; stiff; tough; unfit; unsuitable; worrisome; wrapped in
crítico critical; delicate; perilous; precarious; touchy awkward; critical; hard; painful; perilous; precarious; review; worrisome
delicado critical; delicate; perilous; precarious; touchy acutely; awkward; bothersome; critical; dainty; delicate; disagreeable; easily hurt; elegant; exacting; fine; fragile; frail; frightened of pain; graceful; handsome; hard; highly-strung; inconvenient; lightly built; lovely; nice; oversensitive; painful; perilous; personable; petite; precarious; pretty; ragged; ramshackle; refined; review; rickety; sensitive; slender; slight; small-boned; smartly; snap; sophisticated; squeamish about pain; stylish; subtle; subtly; susceptible; tender; thin; weak; wobbly; wonky; worrisome
difícil critical; delicate; perilous; precarious; touchy aggravating; annoying; awkward; burdensome; critical; delicate; difficult; exacting; hard; heavy; ill-timed; incompetent; inconvenient; incriminating; massive; painful; perilous; perplexing; precarious; problematic; puzzling; review; stiff; stiff conversation; strenuous; tough; tricky; trying; unfit; unsuitable; worrisome
difícil de contentar critical; delicate; perilous; precarious; touchy choosy; fussy; picky
enojado irritable; sensitive; touchy angry; bad-tempered; badly; bitter; blazing; discontented; disgruntled; displeased; dissatisfied; enraged; evil-minded; false; fiery; furious; glaring; indignant; irate; irritated; livid; low; malicious; nettled; piqued; pissed off; seething; sharp; sore; very angry; vicious; virulent; with evil intention
irascible irritable; sensitive; touchy abrupt; angry; awkward; bothersome; disagreeable; exacting; fiery; hot-blooded; hot-headed; hot-tempered; inconvenient; inflamed; kindled; quick tempered; quick-tempered; snappy; snarling; sore
irritable cross-grained; grim; gruff; grumpy; huffy; irritable; sensitive; stern; sullen; surly; thin-skinned; touchy catty; querulous
picajoso huffy; sensitive; thin-skinned; touchy
precario critical; delicate; perilous; precarious; touchy awkward; critical; dangerous; hard; hazardous; painful; perilous; precarious; ragged; ramshackle; review; rickety; risky; wobbly; wonky; worrisome
quisquilloso huffy; sensitive; thin-skinned; touchy captious; carping; fault-finding; nitpicking
sensible huffy; sensitive; thin-skinned; touchy capital; considerable; delicate; easily hurt; fragile; frail; hypersensitive; over-sensitive; oversensitive; ragged; ramshackle; respectable; rickety; sensitive; significant; substantial; subtle; susceptible; tender; tender hearted; vulnerable; wobbly; wonky
susceptible cross-grained; grim; gruff; grumpy; huffy; irritable; sensitive; stern; sullen; surly; thin-skinned; touchy accessible; hypersensitive; over-sensitive; susceptible

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  1. difficult to handle; requiring great tact1
    • a touchy subject1
  2. quick to take offense1