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Detailed Translations for tragic from English to Spanish


tragic adj

  1. tragic (tragical; woeful)
  2. tragic (dramatic)

Translation Matrix for tragic:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- tragical
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dramático dramatic; tragic exaggerated
trágico dramatic; tragic; tragical; woeful a pity; catastrophic; disastrous; disgraceful; disgusting; fatal; fateful; outrageous; pitiful; plaintive; sad; scandalous; sorrowful; sorry; terrible; too bad; unfortunate; woeful

Synonyms for "tragic":

Related Definitions for "tragic":

  1. very sad; especially involving grief or death or destruction1
    • a tragic face1
    • a tragic plight1
    • a tragic accident1
  2. of or relating to or characteristic of tragedy1
    • tragic hero1

Wiktionary Translations for tragic:

  1. causing great sadness
  2. relating to tragedy

Cross Translation:
tragic trágico tragisch — unausweichlich eine schlimme Entwicklung nehmend
tragic trágico tragique — Qui appartenir à la tragédie.

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