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Detailed Translations for viewpoint from English to Spanish


viewpoint [the ~] noun

  1. the viewpoint
    el mirador

Translation Matrix for viewpoint:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mirador viewpoint bay window; waiters; watch-tower
- point of view; stand; standpoint; vantage point

Related Words for "viewpoint":

Synonyms for "viewpoint":

Related Definitions for "viewpoint":

  1. a mental position from which things are viewed1
    • we should consider this problem from the viewpoint of the Russians1
  2. a place from which something can be viewed1

Wiktionary Translations for viewpoint:

Cross Translation:
viewpoint punto de vista; postura standpunt — een houding die men aanneemt ten aanzien van een actueel vraagstuk
viewpoint visión; punto de vista; aspecto gezichtspunt — de manier waarop iets wordt bekeken, oogpunt
viewpoint acuerdo; consejo avis — Ce que l’on penser et aussi ce que l’on en dit, opinion.
viewpoint opinión; acuerdo opinionavis de celui qui opiner sur quelque affaire mise en délibération.