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Detailed Translations for weigh from English to Spanish


to weigh verb (weighs, weighed, weighing)

  1. to weigh (apply; count)
    – show consideration for; take into account 1
  2. to weigh (weigh carefully)
    medir; sopesar
  3. to weigh (librate)
    – determine the weight of 1

Conjugations for weigh:

  1. weigh
  2. weigh
  3. weighs
  4. weigh
  5. weigh
  6. weigh
simple past
  1. weighed
  2. weighed
  3. weighed
  4. weighed
  5. weighed
  6. weighed
present perfect
  1. have weighed
  2. have weighed
  3. has weighed
  4. have weighed
  5. have weighed
  6. have weighed
past continuous
  1. was weighing
  2. were weighing
  3. was weighing
  4. were weighing
  5. were weighing
  6. were weighing
  1. shall weigh
  2. will weigh
  3. will weigh
  4. shall weigh
  5. will weigh
  6. will weigh
continuous present
  1. am weighing
  2. are weighing
  3. is weighing
  4. are weighing
  5. are weighing
  6. are weighing
  1. be weighed
  2. be weighed
  3. be weighed
  4. be weighed
  5. be weighed
  6. be weighed
  1. weigh!
  2. let's weigh!
  3. weighed
  4. weighing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for weigh:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pesar annoyance; chagrin; dejection; depression; distress; grief; melancholy; misery; mournfulness; pain; regret; sadness; sorrow; vexation; wistfulness
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
medir weigh; weigh carefully gauge; give exact money; give the exact money; measure; meter
pesar librate; weigh weigh out
sopesar weigh; weigh carefully
validar apply; count; weigh validate
- consider; count; matter; press
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- balance; balance against each other; press; weigh heavy; weigh in one's mind

Related Words for "weigh":

Synonyms for "weigh":

Related Definitions for "weigh":

  1. show consideration for; take into account1
  2. have weight; have import, carry weight1
  3. to be oppressive or burdensome1
    • weigh heavily on the mind1
  4. determine the weight of1
    • The butcher weighed the chicken1
  5. have a certain weight1

Wiktionary Translations for weigh:

  1. to determine the weight of an object
  2. to have a certain weight

Cross Translation:
weigh ponderar; sopesar abwägenvergleichend prüfen
weigh pesar; pesarse wiegen — (transitiv) das Gewicht von jemandem oder etwas messen
weigh pesar; pesarse wiegen — (intransitiv) ein bestimmtes Gewicht besitzen
weigh pesar wegen — het gewicht/de massa bepalen
weigh pesar peser — Déterminer le poids

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