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calm down:

to calm down verb (calms down, calmed down, calming down)

  1. to calm down (subside; allay; cool down; soothe)
  2. to calm down (become quiet; chill out; relax)
    détendre; devenir calme; relaxer
    • détendre verb (détends, détend, détendons, détendez, )
    • relaxer verb (relaxe, relaxes, relaxons, relaxez, )

Conjugations for calm down:

  1. calm down
  2. calm down
  3. calms down
  4. calm down
  5. calm down
  6. calm down
simple past
  1. calmed down
  2. calmed down
  3. calmed down
  4. calmed down
  5. calmed down
  6. calmed down
present perfect
  1. have calmed down
  2. have calmed down
  3. has calmed down
  4. have calmed down
  5. have calmed down
  6. have calmed down
past continuous
  1. was calming down
  2. were calming down
  3. was calming down
  4. were calming down
  5. were calming down
  6. were calming down
  1. shall calm down
  2. will calm down
  3. will calm down
  4. shall calm down
  5. will calm down
  6. will calm down
continuous present
  1. am calming down
  2. are calming down
  3. is calming down
  4. are calming down
  5. are calming down
  6. are calming down
  1. be calmed down
  2. be calmed down
  3. be calmed down
  4. be calmed down
  5. be calmed down
  6. be calmed down
  1. calm down!
  2. let's calm down!
  3. calmed down
  4. calming down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for calm down:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
devenir calme become quiet; calm down; chill out; relax
détendre become quiet; calm down; chill out; relax go slow; lie down on the job; malinger; relax; slack
relaxer become quiet; calm down; chill out; relax relax
s'adoucir allay; calm down; cool down; soothe; subside
s'apaiser allay; calm down; cool down; soothe; subside become silent; blow out; burn out; chill; cool; cool down; get cold; get cooler; get fresh; grow cold; grow cooler; refrigerate; spend one's fury; subside
se calmer allay; calm down; cool down; soothe; subside blow out; burn out; calm; calming down; settle; soothing; spend one's fury; subside
se remettre allay; calm down; cool down; soothe; subside better one's life; boost; breathe again; brighten up; catch one's breath; cheer up; comfort; get better; get over; gladden; heave a sigh of relief; improve; jack up v; liven up; patch up; pep up; recover; recover one's breath; refurbish; revive; struggle up
se tranquilliser allay; calm down; cool down; soothe; subside
- calm; chill out; cool it; cool off; lull; quiet; quieten; settle down; simmer down; still; tranquilize; tranquillise; tranquillize
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- abate; lull

Synonyms for "calm down":

Antonyms for "calm down":

Related Definitions for "calm down":

  1. become quiet or less intensive1
  2. become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation1
  3. make calm or still1

Wiktionary Translations for calm down:

calm down
  1. To cause to become less excited
  2. To become less excited
calm down
  1. cesser d’être en colère. — note Il ne s’emploie guère que négativement.
  2. (familier, fr) S’apaiser après s’être mis en colère.
  1. -

Cross Translation:
calm down se calmer kalmeren — zich kalmeren
calm down apaiser; pacifier besänftigen — durch Zureden bewirken, dass jemandes innere Erregung langsam nachlassen und abklingen

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