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Detailed Translations for emanate from English to French


to emanate verb (emanates, emanated, emanating)

  1. to emanate (emit; exude; send out)
    émettre; diffuser; émaner; radiodiffuser
    • émettre verb (émets, émet, émettons, émettez, )
    • diffuser verb (diffuse, diffuses, diffusons, diffusez, )
    • émaner verb (émane, émanes, émanons, émanez, )
    • radiodiffuser verb (radiodiffuse, radiodiffuses, radiodiffusons, radiodiffusez, )
  2. to emanate (radiate; emit)
    • rayonner verb (rayonne, rayonnes, rayonnons, rayonnez, )

Conjugations for emanate:

  1. emanate
  2. emanate
  3. emanates
  4. emanate
  5. emanate
  6. emanate
simple past
  1. emanated
  2. emanated
  3. emanated
  4. emanated
  5. emanated
  6. emanated
present perfect
  1. have emanated
  2. have emanated
  3. has emanated
  4. have emanated
  5. have emanated
  6. have emanated
past continuous
  1. was emanating
  2. were emanating
  3. was emanating
  4. were emanating
  5. were emanating
  6. were emanating
  1. shall emanate
  2. will emanate
  3. will emanate
  4. shall emanate
  5. will emanate
  6. will emanate
continuous present
  1. am emanating
  2. are emanating
  3. is emanating
  4. are emanating
  5. are emanating
  6. are emanating
  1. be emanated
  2. be emanated
  3. be emanated
  4. be emanated
  5. be emanated
  6. be emanated
  1. emanate!
  2. let's emanate!
  3. emanated
  4. emanating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for emanate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
diffuser emanate; emit; exude; send out broadcast; cast around; disperse; emit; fan out; hive off; reign; rule; scatter; sow; spread; spread a disease; sprinkle; strew about; swarm about; swarm around; toss about
radiodiffuser emanate; emit; exude; send out broadcast
rayonner emanate; emit; radiate beam; blaze; disperse; fan out; glimmer; glisten; glitter; glow with; hive off; radiate; shimmer; shine; shine lightly; sparkle; swarm about; swarm around
émaner emanate; emit; exude; send out
émettre emanate; emit; exude; send out broadcast; emit; forward; issue; mail; publish; remit; send; send to; ship; supply
- exhale; give forth

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Synonyms for "emanate":

Related Definitions for "emanate":

  1. give out (breath or an odor)1
  2. proceed or issue forth, as from a source1
    • Water emanates from this hole in the ground1

Wiktionary Translations for emanate:

  1. To come from a source
Cross Translation:
emanate irradier ausstrahlen — in alle Richtungen verbreiten, aussenden