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Detailed Translations for mischief from English to French


mischief [the ~] noun

  1. the mischief (monkey trick; prank; boyish prank; practical joke)
    la polissonneries; la diableries
  2. the mischief (roguishness; impishness)
    la malice; l'espièglerie

Translation Matrix for mischief:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
diableries boyish prank; mischief; monkey trick; practical joke; prank
espièglerie impishness; mischief; roguishness archness; boyish prank; foolishness; madness; monkey trick; naughtiness; prank; roguish trick; stupidity; vice
malice impishness; mischief; roguishness cleverness; craftiness; cunning; down to the minutest details; guile; intelligence; malice; nastiness; naughtiness; nicety; sagacity; slyness; spite; subtlety; wiliness
polissonneries boyish prank; mischief; monkey trick; practical joke; prank
- balefulness; maleficence
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- naughtiness

Synonyms for "mischief":

Antonyms for "mischief":

Related Definitions for "mischief":

  1. the quality or nature of being harmful or evil1

Wiktionary Translations for mischief:

  1. vexatious or annoying conduct
  2. one who causes mischief
  3. harm or evil caused by an agent or brought about by a particular cause