Detailed Translations for vouch from English to French


to vouch verb (vouches, vouched, vouching)

  1. to vouch (guarantee; warrant; underwrite)
    garantir; se porter garant de; certifier; être garant que
    • garantir verb (garantis, garantit, garantissons, garantissez, )
    • certifier verb (certifie, certifies, certifions, certifiez, )
  2. to vouch (warrant; guarantee)
    être garant; se porter garant; garantir; certifier
    • garantir verb (garantis, garantit, garantissons, garantissez, )
    • certifier verb (certifie, certifies, certifions, certifiez, )

Conjugations for vouch:

  1. vouch
  2. vouch
  3. vouches
  4. vouch
  5. vouch
  6. vouch
simple past
  1. vouched
  2. vouched
  3. vouched
  4. vouched
  5. vouched
  6. vouched
present perfect
  1. have vouched
  2. have vouched
  3. has vouched
  4. have vouched
  5. have vouched
  6. have vouched
past continuous
  1. was vouching
  2. were vouching
  3. was vouching
  4. were vouching
  5. were vouching
  6. were vouching
  1. shall vouch
  2. will vouch
  3. will vouch
  4. shall vouch
  5. will vouch
  6. will vouch
continuous present
  1. am vouching
  2. are vouching
  3. is vouching
  4. are vouching
  5. are vouching
  6. are vouching
  1. be vouched
  2. be vouched
  3. be vouched
  4. be vouched
  5. be vouched
  6. be vouched
  1. vouch!
  2. let's vouch!
  3. vouched
  4. vouching
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for vouch:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
certifier guarantee; underwrite; vouch; warrant appear as a witness; bear testimony; bear witness; do as if; feign; give evidence; guarantee; pretend; sham; testify; testify to; underwrite; vouch for; warrant
garantir guarantee; underwrite; vouch; warrant guarantee; guard; protect; underwrite; vouch for; warrant
se porter garant guarantee; vouch; warrant guarantee; underwrite; vouch for; warrant
se porter garant de guarantee; underwrite; vouch; warrant
être garant guarantee; vouch; warrant
être garant que guarantee; underwrite; vouch; warrant
- guarantee

Related Words for "vouch":

Synonyms for "vouch":

Related Definitions for "vouch":

  1. give supporting evidence1
    • He vouched his words by his deeds1
  2. summon (a vouchee) into court to warrant or defend a title1
  3. give surety or assume responsibility1
    • I vouch for the quality of my products1
  4. give personal assurance; guarantee1
    • Will he vouch for me?1

Wiktionary Translations for vouch:

  1. to take responsibility for; to express confidence in; to witness; to obtest
  2. to back; to support; to confirm; to establish
  3. to assert; to aver; to declare
Cross Translation:
vouch justifier; prouver; attester belegenetwas belegen: den Beweis für etwas erbringen
vouch cautionner bürgen — für die Glaubwürdigkeit einer Person oder Sache einstehen

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