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Detailed Translations for alley from English to French


alley [the ~] noun

  1. the alley
    – a narrow street with walls on both sides 1
    la ruelle; l'allée
  2. the alley (gangway; aisle; passage)
    le corridor; le couloir; la galerie; le petit passage
  3. the alley (lane; path; byway)
    – a narrow street with walls on both sides 1
    la ruelle; l'allée; la venelle
  4. the alley
    le petit couloir
  5. the alley
    la petite allée
  6. the alley

Translation Matrix for alley:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alliée alley
allée alley; byway; lane; path access; access route; approach; avenue; country road; drive; entranceway; feeder; feeder road; lane; path; supply route; track
corridor aisle; alley; gangway; passage aisle; arcade; archway; corridor; coulisse; gallery; gangway; lobby; passage
couloir aisle; alley; gangway; passage aisle; corridor; coulisse; gangway; lobby; passage; swimlane
galerie aisle; alley; gangway; passage administration; arcade; archway; art gallery; art hall; cabinet; colonial administration; colonial government; gallery; government; imperial; local government; luggage rack; musum hall; roof rack; roof-rack
petit couloir alley
petit passage aisle; alley; gangway; passage
petite allée alley
ruelle alley; byway; lane; path avenue
venelle alley; byway; lane; path
- alleyway; back street; bowling alley; skittle alley

Related Words for "alley":

  • alleys

Synonyms for "alley":

Related Definitions for "alley":

  1. a narrow street with walls on both sides1
  2. a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins1

Wiktionary Translations for alley:

  1. narrow street
  1. action d’aller.
  2. Passage long et étroit (sens général)
  3. Petite rue étroite (1)

Cross Translation:
alley ruelle Twiete — kleine Straße, schmaler Durchgang (vor allem zwischen Häusern)

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