Detailed Translations for altercate from English to French


to altercate verb (altercates, altercated, altercating)

  1. to altercate (wrangle; argue; quarrel; )
    se disputer; discuter; polémiquer
    • discuter verb (discute, discutes, discutons, discutez, )
    • polémiquer verb (polémique, polémiques, polémiquons, polémiquez, )
  2. to altercate (quarrel; make trouble; wrangle; bicker)
    se disputer; se quereller; argumenter; se chamailler
    • argumenter verb (argumente, argumentes, argumentons, argumentez, )

Conjugations for altercate:

  1. altercate
  2. altercate
  3. altercates
  4. altercate
  5. altercate
  6. altercate
simple past
  1. altercated
  2. altercated
  3. altercated
  4. altercated
  5. altercated
  6. altercated
present perfect
  1. have altercated
  2. have altercated
  3. has altercated
  4. have altercated
  5. have altercated
  6. have altercated
past continuous
  1. was altercating
  2. were altercating
  3. was altercating
  4. were altercating
  5. were altercating
  6. were altercating
  1. shall altercate
  2. will altercate
  3. will altercate
  4. shall altercate
  5. will altercate
  6. will altercate
continuous present
  1. am altercating
  2. are altercating
  3. is altercating
  4. are altercating
  5. are altercating
  6. are altercating
  1. be altercated
  2. be altercated
  3. be altercated
  4. be altercated
  5. be altercated
  6. be altercated
  1. altercate!
  2. let's altercate!
  3. altercated
  4. altercating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for altercate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
argumenter altercate; bicker; make trouble; quarrel; wrangle argue; assert; contend; debate; demonstrate; discuss; dispute; do as if; feign; pretend; reason; sham
discuter altercate; argue; debate; dispute; quarrel; twist; wrangle argue; blab; chat; chatter; comment; communicate; consult; converse; debate; discuss; dispute; have a conversation; narrate; rattle; relate; review; speak; speak about; talk; talk about; talk it over; tell
polémiquer altercate; argue; debate; dispute; quarrel; twist; wrangle
se chamailler altercate; bicker; make trouble; quarrel; wrangle bicker; fight; scrap; scuffle; squabble
se disputer altercate; argue; bicker; debate; dispute; make trouble; quarrel; twist; wrangle call someone names
se quereller altercate; bicker; make trouble; quarrel; wrangle bicker; call someone names; fight; scrap; scuffle; squabble
- argufy; dispute; quarrel; scrap

Related Words for "altercate":

  • altercation

Synonyms for "altercate":

Related Definitions for "altercate":

  1. have a disagreement over something1