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Detailed Translations for amorous from English to French


amorous adj

  1. amorous (in love; love-sick)
  2. amorous
  3. amorous

Translation Matrix for amorous:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
amoureux beloved; best friend; bosom friend; boyfriend; buddy; candy; close friend; confidante; courters; darling; dear; dearest; deary; honey; love; lover; lovers; peach; sugar; suitors; sweet; sweetest; sweetheart; sweetie; treasure
sentimental emotional person; feeling person; sentimentalist
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- amative; amatory; romantic
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
amoureux amorous; in love; love-sick affectionate; loving; warm
sentimental amorous intense; sensitive; sentimental
épris amorous; in love; love-sick fanatic; fanatical; fanatically; manic; motivated; obsessed; passionate; possessed

Related Words for "amorous":

Synonyms for "amorous":

Related Definitions for "amorous":

  1. inclined toward or displaying love1
    • feeling amorous1
  2. expressive of or exciting sexual love or romance1
    • amorous glances1

Wiktionary Translations for amorous:

  1. of or relating to, or produced by, love
  2. affected with love
  3. indicating love or sexual desire
  4. inclined to love
  1. Qui est enclin à l’amour
  2. Qui exprime, qui marque de l’amour
  3. Qui a des manières d’agir honnêtes et élégantes.

Cross Translation:
amorous amoureuse; amoureux amourös — eine Liebschaft betreffend

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