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Detailed Translations for answer for from English to French

answer for:

to answer for verb (answers for, answered for, answering for)

  1. to answer for (justify)
    justifier; légitimer; excuser
    • justifier verb (justifie, justifies, justifions, justifiez, )
    • légitimer verb (légitime, légitimes, légitimons, légitimez, )
    • excuser verb (excuse, excuses, excusons, excusez, )

Conjugations for answer for:

  1. answer for
  2. answer for
  3. answers for
  4. answer for
  5. answer for
  6. answer for
simple past
  1. answered for
  2. answered for
  3. answered for
  4. answered for
  5. answered for
  6. answered for
present perfect
  1. have answered for
  2. have answered for
  3. has answered for
  4. have answered for
  5. have answered for
  6. have answered for
past continuous
  1. was answering for
  2. were answering for
  3. was answering for
  4. were answering for
  5. were answering for
  6. were answering for
  1. shall answer for
  2. will answer for
  3. will answer for
  4. shall answer for
  5. will answer for
  6. will answer for
continuous present
  1. am answering for
  2. are answering for
  3. is answering for
  4. are answering for
  5. are answering for
  6. are answering for
  1. be answered for
  2. be answered for
  3. be answered for
  4. be answered for
  5. be answered for
  6. be answered for
  1. answer for!
  2. let's answer for!
  3. answered for
  4. answering for
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for answer for:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
excuser answer for; justify excuse; explain away; extenuate; forgive; give away; gloss over; justify; misdeal; palliate; pardon; play down; smooth over; trivialise; trivialize
justifier answer for; justify demonstrate; explain away; justify; prove; verify
légitimer answer for; justify identify; prove identity
- account

Synonyms for "answer for":

Related Definitions for "answer for":

  1. furnish a justifying analysis or explanation1

Wiktionary Translations for answer for:

Cross Translation:
answer for répondre einstehen — die Verantwortung für etwas übernehmen, die Schuld für etwas anerkennen

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