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Detailed Translations for apathy from English to French


apathy [the ~] noun

  1. the apathy
    l'apathie; l'indolence
  2. the apathy (listlessness; dullness; tepidness)
    l'indifférence; l'apathie; l'indigence; l'indolence

Translation Matrix for apathy:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
apathie apathy; dullness; listlessness; tepidness dullness; indolence; inertia; inertness; lack of energy; languor; laziness; lethargy; listlessness; ponderousness; sloth; slowness; sluggishness; tardiness; unwieldiness; will-lessness
indifférence apathy; dullness; listlessness; tepidness callousness; indiference; indifference; indolence; insensibility; insensitivity; numbness
indigence apathy; dullness; listlessness; tepidness adversity; crisis; destitution; disaster; emergency situation; indigentness; necessity; need; neediness; of limited means; poorness; state of emergency
indolence apathy; dullness; listlessness; tepidness idleness; indiference; indolence; inertia; inertness; laziness; lazy; lethargy; listlessness; ponderousness; sloth; slowness; sluggishness; tardiness; unwieldiness
- indifference; numbness; spiritlessness
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- sloth; slothfulness

Synonyms for "apathy":

Related Definitions for "apathy":

  1. the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally1
  2. an absence of emotion or enthusiasm1

Wiktionary Translations for apathy:

  1. lack of emotion or motivation
Cross Translation:
apathy désintérêt; indifférence Desinteresse — eine Grundstimmung mangelnder Neugier oder fehlenden Enthusiasmus
apathy flegme Phlegma — Mangel an Erregbarkeit, unerschütterliche Ruhe
apathy apathie ApathieTeilnahmslosigkeit, Gleichgültigkeit gegenüber Umgebung