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Detailed Translations for augment from English to French


to augment verb (augments, augmented, augmenting)

  1. to augment (expand; increase; accumulate; multiply; stow)
    augmenter; accroître; multiplier; accumuler
    • augmenter verb (augmente, augmentes, augmentons, augmentez, )
    • accroître verb
    • multiplier verb (multiplie, multiplies, multiplions, multipliez, )
    • accumuler verb (accumule, accumules, accumulons, accumulez, )

Conjugations for augment:

  1. augment
  2. augment
  3. augments
  4. augment
  5. augment
  6. augment
simple past
  1. augmented
  2. augmented
  3. augmented
  4. augmented
  5. augmented
  6. augmented
present perfect
  1. have augmented
  2. have augmented
  3. has augmented
  4. have augmented
  5. have augmented
  6. have augmented
past continuous
  1. was augmenting
  2. were augmenting
  3. was augmenting
  4. were augmenting
  5. were augmenting
  6. were augmenting
  1. shall augment
  2. will augment
  3. will augment
  4. shall augment
  5. will augment
  6. will augment
continuous present
  1. am augmenting
  2. are augmenting
  3. is augmenting
  4. are augmenting
  5. are augmenting
  6. are augmenting
  1. be augmented
  2. be augmented
  3. be augmented
  4. be augmented
  5. be augmented
  6. be augmented
  1. augment!
  2. let's augment!
  3. augmented
  4. augmenting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for augment:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
accroître accumulate; augment; expand; increase; multiply; stow add to; arise; ascent; emphasise; emphasize; expand; extend; grow; increase; rise; tear; underline; urge on
accumuler accumulate; augment; expand; increase; multiply; stow accumulate; bank; heap up; mount up; pile up; place upon; put money in the bank; save; spare; stack
augmenter accumulate; augment; expand; increase; multiply; stow add to; arise; ascent; come up; elevate; enhance; enlarge; expand; extend; force up; grow; heighten; increase; increase in number; puff up; push on; raise; rise; soup up; tune; turn up
multiplier accumulate; augment; expand; increase; multiply; stow duplicate; multiply
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
multiplier speckled

Related Words for "augment":

  • augmenting, augmenter

Synonyms for "augment":

Related Definitions for "augment":

  1. enlarge or increase1
    • The recent speech of the president augmented tensions in the Near East1
  2. grow or intensify1
    • The pressure augmented1

Wiktionary Translations for augment:

  1. to increase an interval by a half step
    • augment → augmenter l'intervalle
  2. to slow the tempo or meter
  3. to become greater
    • augment → s'agrandir; s'accroître
  4. to increase, make larger or supplement
  1. grammar: prefix indicating past tense of verb
Cross Translation:
augment augment AugmentLinguistik, Flexion: in manchen indogermanischen Sprachen ein Morphem zur Anzeige der Vergangenheit bei Verben
augment ajouter bijleggen — toevoegen