Detailed Translations for balance from English to French


balance [the ~] noun

  1. the balance (scales; weighing machine; weigh-beam; )
    la balance; le poids public
  2. the balance (equilibrium)
    l'équilibre; la balance; l'harmonie
  3. the balance
    le solde; le restant; le reste; le surplus
  4. the balance (assets; possessions; property)
    le crédit; l'avoir
  5. the balance (equilibrium; concord)
    l'équilibre; l'harmornie
  6. the balance (equation; levelling; equalisation; equalization)
    l'équation; la comparaison; l'assimilation; le nivellement; l'égalisation
  7. the balance (weighbridge; scales)
    le pont bascule; la balance
  8. the balance (account balance)
    – The difference between the sum of debit entries and the sum of credit entries entered into an account during a financial period. 1

to balance verb (balances, balanced, balancing)

  1. to balance
    balancer; équilibrer; mettre en équilibre; doser
    • balancer verb (balance, balances, balançons, balancez, )
    • équilibrer verb (équilibre, équilibres, équilibrons, équilibrez, )
    • doser verb (dose, doses, dosons, dosez, )

Conjugations for balance:

  1. balance
  2. balance
  3. balances
  4. balance
  5. balance
  6. balance
simple past
  1. balanced
  2. balanced
  3. balanced
  4. balanced
  5. balanced
  6. balanced
present perfect
  1. have balanced
  2. have balanced
  3. has balanced
  4. have balanced
  5. have balanced
  6. have balanced
past continuous
  1. was balancing
  2. were balancing
  3. was balancing
  4. were balancing
  5. were balancing
  6. were balancing
  1. shall balance
  2. will balance
  3. will balance
  4. shall balance
  5. will balance
  6. will balance
continuous present
  1. am balancing
  2. are balancing
  3. is balancing
  4. are balancing
  5. are balancing
  6. are balancing
  1. be balanced
  2. be balanced
  3. be balanced
  4. be balanced
  5. be balanced
  6. be balanced
  1. balance!
  2. let's balance!
  3. balanced
  4. balancing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for balance:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
assimilation balance; equalisation; equalization; equation; levelling assimilating; assimilation
avoir assets; balance; possessions; property ability; capability; capacity; credit note; quality
balance balance; equilibrium; scales; steelyard; weigh-beam; weigh-house; weighbridge; weighhouse; weighing machine; weighing-house
comparaison balance; equalisation; equalization; equation; levelling comparison
crédit assets; balance; possessions; property credit; credit loan; granting of credit
harmonie balance; equilibrium accord; alliance; band; brass band; concord; connection; connexion; conscencus; consensus; consensus of opinion; consonance; harmony; melodiousness; oneness; orchestra; solidarity; theory of harmony; togetherness; unanimity; unity; wind orchestra
harmornie balance; concord; equilibrium
nivellement balance; equalisation; equalization; equation; levelling levelling; levelling out
poids public balance; scales; steelyard; weigh-beam; weigh-house; weighhouse; weighing machine; weighing-house weigh-house; weighing-house
pont bascule balance; scales; weighbridge
restant balance coupon; left over; remains; token; voucher
reste balance remains
solde balance allowance; bargain; bid; compensation; fee; income; offer; pay; payment; proposal; salary; soldier's pay; wage; wages
surplus balance balances; excess; exuberance; overflow; profusion; surplus; surplusses
égalisation balance; equalisation; equalization; equation; levelling adjusting; equalisation; equalization; levelling out; synchronisation; synchronization; tune in to; tuning
équation balance; equalisation; equalization; equation; levelling collation; comparison; equation
équilibre balance; concord; equilibrium incontrovertibility; indisputableness; stability; stableness
- balance wheel; correspondence; counterbalance; counterpoise; counterweight; equaliser; equalizer; equilibrium; equipoise; proportion; proportionality; remainder; residual; residue; residuum; rest; symmetricalness; symmetry
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avoir cheat; deceive; diddle; have; hoodwink; own; possess; swindle; woodwink
balancer balance be indecised; craddle; cradle; dangle; falter; heave; hesitate; lull; oscillate; procrastinate; put off; question; roam; rock; roll; stagger; sway; swing; swing to and fro; swish; tarry; vacillate; wander; waver; whirl; wobble
doser balance administer a dose; dose
mettre en équilibre balance
équilibrer balance align; line up
- equilibrate; equilibrise; equilibrize; poise
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
solde account balance; balance
solde de compte account balance; balance
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- balance against each other; counterbalance; weigh; weigh in one's mind
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
restant remaining

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Related Definitions for "balance":

  1. a scale for weighing; depends on pull of gravity2
  2. a wheel that regulates the rate of movement in a machine; especially a wheel oscillating against the hairspring of a timepiece to regulate its beat2
  3. a weight that balances another weight2
  4. (mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane2
  5. harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design)2
    • in all perfectly beautiful objects there is found the opposition of one part to another and a reciprocal balance2
  6. equality between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account2
  7. the difference between the totals of the credit and debit sides of an account2
  8. something left after other parts have been taken away2
    • he took what he wanted and I got the balance2
  9. equality of distribution2
  10. a state of equilibrium2
  11. hold or carry in equilibrium2
  12. compute credits and debits of an account2
  13. bring into balance or equilibrium2
    • She has to balance work and her domestic duties2
    • balance the two weights2
  14. be in equilibrium2
    • He was balancing on one foot2
  15. The difference between the sum of debit entries and the sum of credit entries entered into an account during a financial period.1
  16. The amount of economic resource required to bring opposite economic resource flows to a state of equilibrium.1

Wiktionary Translations for balance:

  1. make the credits and debits of (an account) correspond
  1. list of credits and debits
  2. equilibrium
  3. scales
  1. métrol|fr instrument de mesure utilisé pour peser des éléments, pour déterminer leur masse.
  2. Point d’équilibre, autant au sens figuré qu’au sens propre.
  3. (term, Jurisprudence de Comptabilité et de Commerce) Ce qui rester dû après la clôture et l’arrêté d’un compte.
  4. (1)
  5. engin militaire offensif à contre-poids utilisé au Moyen Âge pour le siège des places fortifiées, souvent confondu avec la catapulte.
  1. tenir en équilibre.
  2. (figuré) équilibrer.
  3. Faire en sorte de rétablir un équilibre perdu.
  4. mettre, tenir en équilibre.

Cross Translation:
balance équilibre BalanceGleichgewicht, innere Ruhe
balance bilan Bilanz — jährlich von Unternehmen zu erstellende Auflistung von Vermögen und Schulden
balance équilibre GleichgewichtChemie: Zustand einer umkehrbaren chemischen Reaktion, wenn die Hin- und Rückreaktion balancieren sich aus
balance avoir Guthaben — Summe des Geldes, die man auf einem Konto hat oder die man einfordern kann
balance solde SaldoBuchführung, Bankwesen: die Differenz zwischen der Soll- und der Habenseite eines Kontos
balance équilibrer austarieren — ein Gewicht beim Wiegen ausgleichen, so dass von der Waage nur das anzugebende Gewicht des Inhalts angezeigt wird
balance balancer balancieren — das Gleichgewicht halten
balance balance balans — een meetapparaat met twee armen (bedoeld om het verschil te kunnen meten)
balance équilibre balans — evenwicht
balance équilibrer balanceren — evenwicht behouden om er niet vanaf te vallen

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