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  1. be in want:


Detailed Translations for be in want from English to French

be in want:

to be in want verb (is in want, being in want)

  1. to be in want (pinch and scrape; go short; be in need)
    manquer; être privé de; être passé de
    • manquer verb (manque, manques, manquons, manquez, )

Conjugations for be in want:

  1. am in want
  2. are in want
  3. is in want
  4. are in want
  5. are in want
  6. are in want
present perfect
  1. have been in want
  2. have been in want
  3. has been in want
  4. have been in want
  5. have been in want
  6. have been in want
past continuous
  1. was being in want
  2. were being in want
  3. was being in want
  4. were being in want
  5. were being in want
  6. were being in want
  1. shall be in want
  2. will be in want
  3. will be in want
  4. shall be in want
  5. will be in want
  6. will be in want
continuous present
  1. am being in want
  2. are being in want
  3. is being in want
  4. are being in want
  5. are being in want
  6. are being in want
  1. be been in want
  2. be been in want
  3. be been in want
  4. be been in want
  5. be been in want
  6. be been in want
  1. be in want!
  2. let's be in want!
  3. been in want
  4. being in want
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for be in want:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
manquer be in need; be in want; go short; pinch and scrape be absent; be lacking; be lost; be missed; be missing; fail; fall flat; fall through; flop; get lost; go wrong; lack; lose; lose one's face; meet with disaster; miss; neglect; overlook; pinch; press; squeeze
être passé de be in need; be in want; go short; pinch and scrape
être privé de be in need; be in want; go short; pinch and scrape lack

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