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Detailed Translations for be on from English to French

be on:

to be on verb (is on, being on)

  1. to be on
    être en service; marcher; être allumé
    • marcher verb (marche, marches, marchons, marchez, )

Conjugations for be on:

  1. am on
  2. are on
  3. is on
  4. are on
  5. are on
  6. are on
present perfect
  1. have been on
  2. have been on
  3. has been on
  4. have been on
  5. have been on
  6. have been on
past continuous
  1. was being on
  2. were being on
  3. was being on
  4. were being on
  5. were being on
  6. were being on
  1. shall be on
  2. will be on
  3. will be on
  4. shall be on
  5. will be on
  6. will be on
continuous present
  1. am being on
  2. are being on
  3. is being on
  4. are being on
  5. are being on
  6. are being on
  1. be been on
  2. be been on
  3. be been on
  4. be been on
  5. be been on
  6. be been on
  1. be on!
  2. let's be on!
  3. been on
  4. being on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for be on:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
marcher be on advance; function; go onward; march on
être allumé be on
être en service be on
- get on

Synonyms for "be on":

Related Definitions for "be on":

  1. appear in a show, on T.V. or radio1
    • The news won't be on tonight1

Wiktionary Translations for be on:

Cross Translation:
be on être sur le feu opstaan(koken) op het vuur staan
be on être allumé an seinintransitiv: eingeschaltet sein, in Betrieb sein

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