Detailed Translations for blessings from English to French


blessings [the ~] noun

  1. the blessings (best wishes; congratulations)
    la félicitations
  2. the blessings
    la bénédictions

Translation Matrix for blessings:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bénédictions blessings
félicitations best wishes; blessings; congratulations benediction; best wishes; congratulation; congratulations; congratulatory message; felecitations; felicitation; toast
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
félicitations congratulations

Related Words for "blessings":

blessings form of blessing:

blessing [the ~] noun

  1. the blessing (benediction; boon)
    la bénédiction; la félicité; la magnificence; le salut
  2. the blessing
    la bénédiction; la grâce; le voeu de bonheur; la félicité; le salut
  3. the blessing (benediction)
    le salut; le voeu de bonheur; la bénédiction
  4. the blessing (consecration; devotion; ordination; sanctification; hallowing)
    la bénédiction; la sanctification; la consécration

Translation Matrix for blessing:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bénédiction benediction; blessing; boon; consecration; devotion; hallowing; ordination; sanctification benediction; congratulation; congratulatory message; consecration; consecratory celebration; felicitation; inaugural speech; inauguration; initiation; initiation party; ordination; toast
consécration blessing; consecration; devotion; hallowing; ordination; sanctification affection; ambition; assiduousness; attachment; consecration; consecratory celebration; dedication; devotion; diligence; effort; exertion; fondness; goal; inauguration; initiation; initiation party; intention; objective; ordination; passion; scheme; target
félicité benediction; blessing; boon affluence; be happy; blessedness; bliss; deliciousness; delight; deliverance; glory; happiness; joy; liberation; luck; magnificence; prosperity; redemption; release; rescue; salvation; wealth; welfare; well-being
grâce blessing absolution; amiability; benevolence; boon; charm; clemency; compassion; elegance; excuse; favor; favour; forgiveness; forgivingness; goodwill; grace; kindness; loving kindness; mass; mercy; pardon; patronage; remission; service; support; sweetness; sympathy
magnificence benediction; blessing; boon abundance; affluence; blessedness; bliss; deliciousness; glory; grandeur; grandiosity; grantness; happiness; haughtiness; impressiveness; joy; luxury; magnificence; majesty; pride; splendor; splendour; well-being
salut benediction; blessing; boon affluence; bliss; delight; deliverance; greeting; happiness; informal gathering; informal party; liberation; motion of the hand; preservation of life; prosperity; reception; redemption; release; rescue; salutation; salute; salvation; self preservation; spiritual welfare; staying alive; wealth; welcome; welcoming; welfare; well-being; words of welcome
sanctification blessing; consecration; devotion; hallowing; ordination; sanctification canonisation; canonization
voeu de bonheur benediction; blessing benediction; congratulation; congratulatory message; felicitation; toast
- approval; approving; benediction; boon; grace; thanksgiving
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
salut hello; hi
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
félicité congratulations
salut bye; hallo; hello

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Synonyms for "blessing":

Antonyms for "blessing":

  • disapproval

Related Definitions for "blessing":

  1. the act of praying for divine protection1
  2. the formal act of approving1
    • he gave the project his blessing1
  3. a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection1
  4. a short prayer of thanks before a meal1
  5. a desirable state1
    • enjoy the blessings of peace1

Wiktionary Translations for blessing:

  1. group of unicorns
  2. thing one is glad of
  3. act of declaring, seeking or bestowing favor
  4. divine or supernatural aid or reward
  1. Action par laquelle les pères et mères bénissent leurs enfants
  2. Grâce et faveur particulière du Ciel

Cross Translation:
blessing bénédiction Segen — rituell geäußerter Wunsch um Gottes Gnade/Beistand für jemanden oder etwas
blessing bénédicité; grâces TischgebetReligion: gesprochenes Gebet vor oder nach der Speise am Tisch