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  1. bring evil upon:


Detailed Translations for bring evil upon from English to French

bring evil upon:

bring evil upon verb

  1. bring evil upon (hurt)
    faire du mal; causer
    • causer verb (cause, causes, causons, causez, )

Translation Matrix for bring evil upon:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
causer bring evil upon; hurt arrive at; blab; bring about; bring on; cause; chat; chatter; communicate; converse; create; discuss; effect; end up; engender; give rise to; have a chat; have a conversation; instigate; lead to; narrate; produce; provoke; rattle; relate; result in; speak; talk; tell; turn out; work out
faire du mal bring evil upon; hurt aggrieve; cause pain; cause sorrow; do wrong; do wrongly; hurt; hurt someone's feelings; inflict injury; injure; insult; maul; offend; wreak evil

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