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Detailed Translations for broadening from English to French


broadening [the ~] noun

  1. the broadening (widening)
    l'élargissement; la dilatation

Translation Matrix for broadening:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dilatation broadening; widening dilatation; disclosure; opening
élargissement broadening; widening dilatation; enlargement; increase; opening up; widen
- widening

Related Words for "broadening":

Synonyms for "broadening":

Antonyms for "broadening":

Related Definitions for "broadening":

  1. the action of making broader1
    • the broadening of travel1
  2. the act of making something wider1
  3. an increase in width1

Wiktionary Translations for broadening:

  1. action d’élargir, de s’élargir ou résultat de cette action.

broadening form of broaden:

to broaden verb (broadens, broadened, broadening)

  1. to broaden
    élargir; étendre
    • élargir verb (élargis, élargit, élargissons, élargissez, )
    • étendre verb (étends, étend, étendons, étendez, )
  2. to broaden (widen; spread)
    élargir; se dilater; rendre plus large
    • élargir verb (élargis, élargit, élargissons, élargissez, )
    • se dilater verb

Conjugations for broaden:

  1. broaden
  2. broaden
  3. broadens
  4. broaden
  5. broaden
  6. broaden
simple past
  1. broadened
  2. broadened
  3. broadened
  4. broadened
  5. broadened
  6. broadened
present perfect
  1. have broadened
  2. have broadened
  3. has broadened
  4. have broadened
  5. have broadened
  6. have broadened
past continuous
  1. was broadening
  2. were broadening
  3. was broadening
  4. were broadening
  5. were broadening
  6. were broadening
  1. shall broaden
  2. will broaden
  3. will broaden
  4. shall broaden
  5. will broaden
  6. will broaden
continuous present
  1. am broadening
  2. are broadening
  3. is broadening
  4. are broadening
  5. are broadening
  6. are broadening
  1. be broadened
  2. be broadened
  3. be broadened
  4. be broadened
  5. be broadened
  6. be broadened
  1. broaden!
  2. let's broaden!
  3. broadened
  4. broadening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for broaden:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
rendre plus large broaden; spread; widen
se dilater broaden; spread; widen add; add on to; build out; bulge; expand; extend; grow; swell; swell up; widen
élargir broaden; spread; widen add; add on to; build out; deepen; enlarge; expand; extend; increase; increase in number; make more profound; swell; widen
étendre broaden add; add on to; build out; cast around; deepen; disperse; enlarge; expand; extend; fold open; fold out; give; give to; grow; hand; hand over; hang out; hang outside; increase; increase in number; lay out; make more profound; pass; prolong; put ready; scatter; sow; spread; spread out; sprinkle; stretch; stretch out; strew about; swell; tighten; toss about; unfold; widen
- branch out; diversify; extend; widen

Related Words for "broaden":

Synonyms for "broaden":

Antonyms for "broaden":

Related Definitions for "broaden":

  1. become broader1
    • The road broadened1
  2. make broader1
    • broaden the road1
  3. vary in order to spread risk or to expand1
  4. extend in scope or range or area1
    • broaden your horizon1

Wiktionary Translations for broaden:

  1. to become broad