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Detailed Translations for brush off from English to French

brush off:

to brush off verb (brushes off, brushed off, brushing off)

  1. to brush off
    rebuter; éconduire; envoyer promener
    • rebuter verb
    • éconduire verb (éconduis, éconduit, éconduisons, éconduisez, )
  2. to brush off (snub)
    • brusquer verb (brusque, brusques, brusquons, brusquez, )

Conjugations for brush off:

  1. brush off
  2. brush off
  3. brushes off
  4. brush off
  5. brush off
  6. brush off
simple past
  1. brushed off
  2. brushed off
  3. brushed off
  4. brushed off
  5. brushed off
  6. brushed off
present perfect
  1. have brushed off
  2. have brushed off
  3. has brushed off
  4. have brushed off
  5. have brushed off
  6. have brushed off
past continuous
  1. was brushing off
  2. were brushing off
  3. was brushing off
  4. were brushing off
  5. were brushing off
  6. were brushing off
  1. shall brush off
  2. will brush off
  3. will brush off
  4. shall brush off
  5. will brush off
  6. will brush off
continuous present
  1. am brushing off
  2. are brushing off
  3. is brushing off
  4. are brushing off
  5. are brushing off
  6. are brushing off
  1. be brushed off
  2. be brushed off
  3. be brushed off
  4. be brushed off
  5. be brushed off
  6. be brushed off
  1. brush off!
  2. let's brush off!
  3. brushed off
  4. brushing off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for brush off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brusquer brush off; snub accelerate; antagonise; antagonize; assault; attack; brutalise; brutalize; bully; coerce; compel; force; harass; hasten; lay violent hands upon; oblige; pester; provoke; quicken; raid; snub; speed up; storm; tease; use force; violate
envoyer promener brush off
rebuter brush off deter; scare
éconduire brush off fob off with; not follow up
- brush aside; discount; dismiss; disregard; ignore; push aside
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- be turned down

Synonyms for "brush off":

Related Definitions for "brush off":

  1. bar from attention or consideration1

Wiktionary Translations for brush off:

Cross Translation:
brush off brusquer bruuskeren — nors en ruw bejegenen

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