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Detailed Translations for bubble up from English to French

bubble up:

to bubble up verb (bubbles up, bubbled up, bubbling up)

  1. to bubble up (rise)
    • bouillonner verb (bouillonne, bouillonnes, bouillonnons, bouillonnez, )

Conjugations for bubble up:

  1. bubble up
  2. bubble up
  3. bubbles up
  4. bubble up
  5. bubble up
  6. bubble up
simple past
  1. bubbled up
  2. bubbled up
  3. bubbled up
  4. bubbled up
  5. bubbled up
  6. bubbled up
present perfect
  1. have bubbled up
  2. have bubbled up
  3. has bubbled up
  4. have bubbled up
  5. have bubbled up
  6. have bubbled up
past continuous
  1. was bubbling up
  2. were bubbling up
  3. was bubbling up
  4. were bubbling up
  5. were bubbling up
  6. were bubbling up
  1. shall bubble up
  2. will bubble up
  3. will bubble up
  4. shall bubble up
  5. will bubble up
  6. will bubble up
continuous present
  1. am bubbling up
  2. are bubbling up
  3. is bubbling up
  4. are bubbling up
  5. are bubbling up
  6. are bubbling up
  1. be bubbled up
  2. be bubbled up
  3. be bubbled up
  4. be bubbled up
  5. be bubbled up
  6. be bubbled up
  1. bubble up!
  2. let's bubble up!
  3. bubbled up
  4. bubbling up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for bubble up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bouillonner bubble up; rise bawl; be furious; bellow; cry out; let someone have it; rage; rant; rant & rage; rave; roar; scream; shout; shriek; storm; thunder; yell
- intumesce

Synonyms for "bubble up":

Related Definitions for "bubble up":

  1. move upwards in bubbles, as from the effect of heating; also used metaphorically1

Wiktionary Translations for bubble up:

Cross Translation:
bubble up bouilloner opborrelen — het naar boven komen van gasbellen door een vloeistof

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