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  1. change tack:


Detailed Translations for change tack from English to French

change tack:

to change tack verb (changes tack, changed tack, changing tack)

  1. to change tack (tack)
    enfiler; faire virer; lacer; virer de bord; tourner
    • enfiler verb (enfile, enfiles, enfilons, enfilez, )
    • lacer verb (lace, laces, laçons, lacez, )
    • tourner verb (tourne, tournes, tournons, tournez, )

Conjugations for change tack:

  1. change tack
  2. change tack
  3. changes tack
  4. change tack
  5. change tack
  6. change tack
simple past
  1. changed tack
  2. changed tack
  3. changed tack
  4. changed tack
  5. changed tack
  6. changed tack
present perfect
  1. have changed tack
  2. have changed tack
  3. has changed tack
  4. have changed tack
  5. have changed tack
  6. have changed tack
past continuous
  1. was changing tack
  2. were changing tack
  3. was changing tack
  4. were changing tack
  5. were changing tack
  6. were changing tack
  1. shall change tack
  2. will change tack
  3. will change tack
  4. shall change tack
  5. will change tack
  6. will change tack
continuous present
  1. am changing tack
  2. are changing tack
  3. is changing tack
  4. are changing tack
  5. are changing tack
  6. are changing tack
  1. be changed tack
  2. be changed tack
  3. be changed tack
  4. be changed tack
  5. be changed tack
  6. be changed tack
  1. change tack!
  2. let's change tack!
  3. changed tack
  4. changing tack
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for change tack:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
enfiler change tack; tack cant; lace; slip on; string; tack up; tie
faire virer change tack; tack turn
lacer change tack; tack cant; lace; lace up; string; tack up; tie
tourner change tack; tack churn; confuse; dangle; formulate; go back; make dizzy; open; open up; oscillate; phrase; put into words; return; reverse; revolve; rock; roll; rotate; shift; spin; spin round; stir; swing; swing around; swing round; swing to and fro; swirl; turn; turn around; turn away; turn on; twirl; twist; unlock; unscrew; veer; whirl; word
virer de bord change tack; tack change one's tack; go overboard for; tack

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